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Mens » Two piece suit

Two piece suit

A two-piece suit that fits you perfectly is a wardrobe staple;
and by creating a custom two-piece suit,
you know that yours is one of a kind.

Choose one of our ranges and type of garment,
and you will have your order ready in 6-8 weeks*

Senatorial Range

Our most popular range of cloths, the senatorial collection includes a variety of weights and blends – including cashmere.

Presidential Range

Our finest quality cloths from some of the world's most exclusive mills, including both Loro Piana and Dormeuil.

Executive Range

Our Executive Range offers a limited range of staple fabrics. This range is good for a first step into Custom Suits while on a strict budget.

Whether you wear yours for work or play, one thing’s for sure – the two piece suit is your wardrobe essential. The difference between a custom and off-the-rack two piece suit is all in the detail that you choose – from the number of buttons on your cuff to the colour of the hand-stitching on the lapel. If you’re wearing your two-piece suit for work, invest in an extra pair of suit pants (they wear out more quickly than a suit blazer); if it’s for a special occasion, think about designing a custom vest to transform your two-piece suit into a three-piece!