More than 50,000 bespoke garments tailored
And here's "How it works":

Create Your Perfect Style

Most of our customers book in locally with an expert style advisor who will guide you through our fabric range to create a unique bespoke style. Creating tailored garments is addictive - you may even go for more than one!

Get Measured

Then we'll take you through your measure-ments. A bespoke suit will require at least 18 measurements. Seeing us is valuable - so if you have a local branch - book in. If you're not local that's fine, and you can do it all online too.


As soon as we have your style and measurements, your order is sent to a masters cutting table. Your expert master will cut your pattern and your garment will be intricately stitched.


We will work with you and make any tweaks and adjustments until you are delighted with your garments. We will then store your adjusted pattern for future orders.

Unexpected Compliments

As soon as you start wearing your new bespoke garment you will be complimented when you least expect it! Here's an example:

I wore the new suit for the first time yesterday at a conference and two vague acquain- tances came up to me and complemented how dapper I was looking. I didn't think guys noticed those sort of things!

All of the above can be done at a local appointment


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee the fit? Yes indeed we do! When you are measured in our studio by one of our Style Advisors you pay $40 for the service and this includes both the professional measurement on the day, and any and all alterations to ensure that your order fits you perfectly before you take it away to wear. Not only that but your fit guarantee also covers every other garment that you purchase. We call this our Fit Guarantee.

If you measured yourself online, worry not! Firstly we'll be checking your measurements every step of the way using our whizzy tailoring computers, and secondly if it goes really wrong, you can purchase a Retrospective Fit Guarantee for $60 and you'll get all the perks of the regular Fit Guarantee...including anything to ensure the prefect fit.

Your fit guarantee does not unfortunately cover you for lifetime alterations to your garment.

How can I book a fitting? The good news is that this is very easy, simply click on this link and choose the branch, the type of appointment and Style Advisor that you want.

If you have a group of 4 or more people, you may be able to take advantage of our call out service to your home or office. Just click here for details.

Can I see a swatch of your materials? You can touch and feel all our clothes in an appointment. Simply make your appointment online here.

How is my suit made? As soon as we have your measurements and you have decided on the cloth, lining and style of your suit, we send the order details to our tailors in Nepal.

At this point, your suit is assigned to your master cutter, all our master cutters have at least 30 years of tailoring experience, having been through the apprenticeship scheme that has operated in Nepal for generations. Your suit is cut according to your styling and measurements and is then passed to your tailor for stitching and hand finishing.

When your suit is pressed and finished, our diligent team gives it the once over to make sure everything is just so, and then we send it over to you in the USA.

Once you receive your suit at home, take it out of the package, hang it in a steamed bathroom to remove the wrinkles, and then try it on. If you want to carry on wearing it, go right ahead and please remember to tell all your friends where you got it! If you feel you need some tweaks, just bring it in for your Style Advisor to have a look at.

We highly recommend you to come in, especially when you are picking up your first suit, so that we can ensure that the suit fits you impeccably. We always like to see you in your suit, so even if you don’t pick up your suit in person, please do send us a photo and some feedback. Leave your feedback here and it will be seen by both the team in the US and your personal master and tailor. So, in order to help us improve our product and system in the future, it is very important to us to hear what you have to say. We really listen.

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