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The Order Process (US) FAQ
This section answers all of your most Frequently Asked Questions about the Order Process:

Your question not answered here? Please give us a call on +1 877 477 9457.

Can I cancel or change my order?

After paying for your order, you have 24 hours in which to either cancel or change the order.

Cancelling an order
You can cancel your order after having paid for it within the first 24 hours of placing the order. Should it be possible to cancel your order, a cancellation carries a charge of $60. Cancellation beyond the first 24 hour period of placing the order is at the discretion of the management.

Changing an order
Before you pay for your order, you can change the specification as much and as many times as you like, completely free of charge.

After paying for your order, you may change it within 24 hours of paying for your order. There is a charge of $30 for any change made but you will not be refunded when changing to style attributes of a lower price; an additional fee will however be charged for style attribute upgrades. We are sorry that we cannot be more flexible but when your tailor starts your order there can be no further style changes.

Can you guarantee the fit?

Yes indeed we do! When you are measured in our studio by one of our Style Advisors you pay $40 for the service and this includes both the professional measurement on the day, and any and all alterations to ensure that your order fits you perfectly before you take it away to wear. Not only that but your fit guarantee also covers every other garment that you purchase. We call this our Fit Guarantee.

If you measured yourself online, worry not! Firstly we'll be checking your measurements every step of the way using our whizzy tailoring computers, and secondly if it goes really wrong, you can purchase a Retrospective Fit Guarantee for $60 and you'll get all the perks of the regular Fit Guarantee...including anything to ensure the prefect fit.

Your fit guarantee does not unfortunately cover you for lifetime alterations to your garment.

How can I book a fitting?

The good news is that this is very easy, simply click on this link and choose the branch, the type of appointment and Style Advisor that you want.

If you have a group of 4 or more people, you may be able to take advantage of our call out service to your home or office. Just click here for details.

How do I know when to collect my order?

When you've placed your order by both paying and adding your measurements to your order, all you need to do is relax as we're going to take care of everything from here. As soon as your suit arrives with us, we'll be in touch by email to invite you in for a fitting with your Style Advisor. Just click the link on the email and pick a convenient time.

If you've chosen to have your order sent to you, we'll be in touch on the day we dispatch your order to you so that you can look out for the courier.

How does it all work?

In Studio

Come to one of our studios for a professional style consultation. The consultation itself carries no obligation and is free of charge, but when you decide that you like what you see (and we're confident you will!), the cost of being professionally measured for your fit guarantee is $40. Purchasing our 'Fit Guarantee' means that we will do anything and everything to ensure that your future suit, and all the suits that follow in its footsteps, fit you perfectly at no extra charge. In order words, we'll cover all your alterations on all your suits from us to ensure that on delivery you are perfectly delighted with the fit. Just book an appointment here.

Do it yourself
We recommend this approach to customers who cannot make it to one of our studios. Simply run through our Style Wizard to personalise your styling, and use our Measurement Wizard to achieve the perfect fit. Using our Measurement Wizard, complete with video guides and automatic checking of your measurements, our clients achieve a 90% first-time fit rate. If you are in the unlucky 10%, worry not, because like those who get measured in Studio, you can purchase a Retrospective Fit Guarantee for $60, and it works just the same as the Fit Guarantee in studio. We'll even start again if we need to.

Do you need help choosing the cloth? Just have a browse through our range, use the scissor icon to select the cloths you like and we'll send you a set of swatches free of charge

Call Out
Do you live in New York but can't make it to one of our studios? We can send a style advisor to you. There is a cost of $75 for the call out which must be paid in advance, but it does include our Fit Guarantee.

This service is only available within Manhattan.

I'm not confident about measuring myself

Over 90% of our customers measuring themselves achieve a first-time fit. We make the process easy with our super-easy-to-follow videos and, what's more, we check every measurement you make and highlight the ones we think you should check again.

Then, when your creation gets to the cutting table, your Master Tailor will also look at all your measurements and get in touch if there is something we didn't expect.

Lastly, when you try the suit on, we'll never leave you with something you aren't delighted with. If you feel you've got to have something changed, you can always purchase our Retrospective Fit Guarantee and we'll do anything and everything to get the fit perfect.

I've ordered my suit and I'm excited to wear long does it take?

We know that feeling well, in fact it's why we started A Suit That Fits in the first place. Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a custom suit...and indeed there are few worse things than having to wait to wear it! Here's the skinny on our delivery times:

Ready to try on in 6-8 weeks. We can only guarantee timings to the first fitting though...seeing as how we technically offer unlimited alterations up to the point where you take the suit home, guaranteeing anything else is a bit like telling you how long is a piece of string! Trust though that we'll be wanting you to show off our handiwork just as much as you'll want to wear it, so we'll be as quick as we can on the fitting.

Sent directly to you in 6-8 weeks by secure courier. This is the preferred option for clients purchasing exclusively online. We also recommend it for clients who are returning for more suits to grow their wardrobe community, after all it is more convenient and we do have your measurements from the first time around.

We should say that we aim to beat all of our delivery times, but it won’t ever be by a huge amount; after all, to get something this great is worth the wait...wouldn’t you say?

If you have a certain date by which you have to be wearing your suit, we recommend that you build in time for alterations. Any alterations that we perform as part of the Fit Guarantee are free of charge, but depending on the level of fitting required they can add from a single week to 8 weeks on to the total delivery time.

If you've got to take your suit away for an event, we'll happily let you take it for a test run and provided you bring it back clean and within 2 months, we'll continue fitting you for that suit too.

My suit no longer fits me, can you alter it?

In short, where possible, yes we can. However, we do have to charge you, even if you purchased our Fit Guarantee.

Our Fit Guarantee means that you can bring your suit back to be altered free of charge at any point within 2 months of taking your new suit away for the first time. When your suit is brought back beyond this, we're sorry but we have to charge you.

Oh no! My Suit doesn't fit!

Not a problem; first of all, calm down and (perhaps) have a cup of tea, we've got your back.

Measured in Studio
You will have purchased the Fit Guarantee. All your alterations are covered at no extra cost. If you had your suit delivered, just book an appointment with your Style Advisor and they'll sort you out. If you are trying on in branch...what are you reading this for...your Style Advisor is ready and waiting and eager to fit you!

You Measured Yourself
All you need to do is purchase our Retrospective Fit Guarantee, and the above applies.

If you cannot make it into our studio for any reason, we are happy to run through the fitting on the phone. Sounds complicated? Believe us, it isn't; we'll just need some photos, we'll talk you through where you'd like the changes and when you send it back we'll perform the alterations.

When do I pay for my order?

We ask for full payment before your suit is started. We should point out though that payment is only half of the story, we also need to have you measurements added to your order; once you have paid and added the measurements to your order, your Master Tailor will start on your pattern.

Everything you need for payment and measurement is found here in My Orders and Profiles.

Which appointment type should I take?

We operate 3 different types of appointment

1. Collection and Fitting: This is the one for you when collecting or being fitted for a suit that you have already designed and paid for. Booking in will ensure that your suit is freshly pressed and eager to see you

2. Initial Measuring - This is the one to go for to either get measured for the first time, or if you are a returning client it is ideal for chatting through the ideas you have for your next suit.

3. A free personal appointment: Very popular for groups of people coordinating a look before taking the plunge, and particularly useful for wedding parties. If you decide to be measured on the day your Style Advisor will try their best to help, time permitting.

Coming from London, we love our tea; so whatever your appointment, you can always count on a nice brew.

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