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About Us

Our story

When David and I were at school together, little did we know where our mutual passion for dressing well would eventually lead. It is a passion that led us to found A Suit That Fits after I was lucky enough to be introduced to a fantastic family of tailors by the school where I was volunteering back in 2005.

I remained friends with my tailors following what was the first few of many, many tailored suits from them, and when I returned to the UK I anticipated bringing their amazing suits to family and friends. It was when I met up with David that together we hatched the idea of putting my experience online and creating the World’s Local Tailor. To trial the idea, we took a stand on Hampsted Market, in London, and within 20 minutes of the doors opening, we had sold our first 2 suits. Over the next 24 hours we unveiled the first version of, it could just about build a suit and we were in business!

We rented our first studio in London using money loaned on a credit card, and David continued to work two jobs for the first six months to help get us started. Today, our software administers over 40 Billion different style options for our wonderful customers all over the world, we have over 30 studios in the UK and our tailors in Nepal have produced enough suits to fill a baseball stadium!

Since founding the company on 7th June 2006 when we took our first order, it has been our ambition to spread affordable tailoring and great style and around the world. We’re thrilled and very proud to have launched in the USA, and we hope to have a studio near you soon.

On behalf of the entire team at A Suit That Fits both here in the US and in Nepal , I want to thank you, our amazing customers, for your brilliant designs, your ongoing support and your continued custom.

Warren Bennett   
A Suit That Fits

Ivor and Chris
In the studio

Warren & David on the swatch mobiles
Our swatch mobiles on the streets