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Mens » Two piece suit

Two piece suit

Our individually tailored 2 piece suits start at £299
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Executive Range

Our most popular range, featuring our most versatile fabrics.

Signature and Ultimate

Our Signature Range includes luxury mohair and wools. Our Ultimate Range of branded cloths include Vitale Barberis Canonico and Loro Piana

Professional Range

Our Professional Range offers a lightweight range of fabrics. If you are prepared to care for your suit more or you are on a strict budget, then this range is good for you.

Classic two-piece suit - The classic two-piece suit is an essential wardrobe staple; whether for work, a wedding or just for a dapper day; the two-piece suit is most definitely here to stay. Thanks to it’s simplicity and style, two-piece suits can be used for many different occasions and our two-piece suits are fully bespoke, meaning that however you like your cloth, pockets, buttons or cut, we can create your personally designed two-piece suit just how you like it. Add an extra pair of trousers to your two-piece to increase the longevity of your suit plus, with three cloth ranges to choose from, the only limitation is your imagination for this classic sartorial staple.