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Bespoke shirts

Our tailored shirts are made from the finest Egyptian
and Italian cottons and our large fabric collection allows you
to design something that suits your personal style.

Choose one of our ranges and type of garment,
and you will have your order ready in 6-8 weeks*

Tailored shirts

Create one... or five... or ten - we guarantee you'll love our bespoke shirts!

Detachable Collar & Cuffs

With these shirts you can detach and swap the collars and cuffs for ones in a different fabric.

Shirt du Jour

5 white shirts each with unique under-collar and under-cuffs.

Once you have purchased the voucher, one of our team will allocate your measurements to the voucher and move it into production.

A shirt is a wardrobe staple: whether you work in an office, are off to a wedding or are sprucing up for a night out, there’s nothing like a tailored shirt that has got every detail you desire and is cut and stitched just how you like it. When you’re designing your tailored shirt with us, you’ll choose everything from the colour of the stitching on your buttonholes to the style of your collar and cuffs – from the business collar, to the classic collar to the formal. There is a vast array of cloths to choose from, including summer cottons for a lighter tailored shirt, through to all year cloths. If you’re wearing your bespoke shirt every day, we’ve a range of packages to suit your sartorial requirements.