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With the noughties now over and we look forward into a new decade its time to take a look at some of the biggest trends from the noughties that promise to still be big in the 2010s.
The mod look was big in tailoring throughout most of the noughties and continues its influence into 2010. To achieve the mod look everything gets slimmer, lapels are half width or 3, as opposed to the usual 4 and shirt collars are skinny and or cut-away. Ties also are slimmed down, steer away from the super skinny ties popular in the mid-noughties, instead a 2-2 and half inch tie is a lot easier to wear and looks more modern. Bring your jacket hem up and inch or two and go for those slim enough go for an ultra-fitted suit, for those who are broader a slim fit will suit your frame better. Although this is quite a young trend, you dont have to do the whole she-bang, just a skinny collared shirt, slimmer lapel or tie or a slightly shorter jacket is enough to get down with the cool kids.
Grey, grey and more grey! -
The end of the noughties was a time for sombre reflection, the credit bubble burst, banks went bust and mum stopped shopping at Iceland. This had a huge impact on fashion and tailoring. Ostentatious, show me the money dressing was out, and sombre, understated, serious dressing in every shade of grey dominated. Whatever the shade and however you wear it grey is still everywhere, but as it now looks as if we might be pulling out of the recession its time to jazz the grey suit up. A mohair tonic in a light shade of grey perfect for summer, still grey but the two tone effect of the wool looks very cool. Add in the most ostentatious lining you can bear, it is on the inside after all so only when you wear your suit open will your co-workers/friends/family be treated to a blast of hot pink, or whatever shade you choose. Choosing a cloth with a herringbone/check/bird eye pattern is also a great way to add an extra little pazz-azz to a grey suit.
Dressing up -
The noughties saw in a new age for men, David Beckham and the metro-sexual brigade. Going into 2010 it is not only acceptable but positively encouraged by the fairer sex, for men to take pride in their appearance. Although its not exactly a return to the years of the dandy, 3-piece suits are becoming increasingly popular, handkerchiefs are again being worn in breast pockets, smart/casual tweed jackets are everywhere and my personal favourite, double breasted jackets and waistcoats are back. This is not so much about dressing up, but dressing well and adding a little flair to what you wear. When choosing a new suit push the boundaries a little, always wanted a 3-piece go for it, want to dapper up a bit more, go for a double breasted rather than a single this time. I will never be one of those men who spends half an hour in the bathroom applying every product under the sun, an extra 2 minutes in front of the mirror adding a nice handkerchief that I can do.
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