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One suit in particular has gained Tom Cruise more attention than any other: that gorgeous blue two piece he wore in the Dubai scenes of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. If you aren't familiar with it, check out these stunning pictures.
Of course, this colourful, light weight suit may not be something you want to wear in the depths of winter. Cruise's Agent Ethan Hunt waited until he was in the Middle East to wear it. But as far as we're concerned, now is the time to start having one fitted. A Suit That Fits have a fine kid mohair suit perfectly light weight for summer (click on Get the Look). Styled, like Cruise's suit, with two buttons and a notched collar, the jacket is breezy and light; the details are kept to an absolute minimum with the addition of slashed rather than flapped pockets. Going on a Middle Eastern business trip this summer? This suit hits the spot.
Just don't go climbing the side of the Burj Khalifa in it. .
Well, this year has already given us a glimpse of summer, and that can mean only one thing, time to lighten up our wardrobes in the hope that we reach those temperatures again. When it comes to suiting, we really should be pushing the heavy wools to the back and bringing out the light weight wools and linens.
If you're heading off on holiday, or just want something more casual, try our Linens. There are some fantastic colours on offer this year. Have a look at my Linen Suiting blog to see some ideas. Of course, the three piece can be just as useful in summer as it is in winter. Think about leaving your jacket in the office when out for lunch. Wear your waistcoat instead. This will maintain the ultra smart appearance, whilst still keeping you cool. I've seen many of Edinburgh 's streets recently swarming with blokes who are cutting a dash with a waistcoat and trouser combo as well as a few famous faces.
Two of A Suit That Fits favourites do this look in the own way; Gary Barlow goes with his signature high chested six button waistcoat with a slight lossening of the tie to give it just a dash of the casual. David Beckham goes for a light grey waistcoat and trousers, worn with a tie but rolling up his sleeves to give his otherwise smart look a sporty feel. Colour also is an important factor when getting a new summer suit. I wouldn't advice a light grey or cream linen suit in the winter for instance but when the sun shines they are perfect colours. Light grey is a great shade for the office and cream for casual. It has never really gone out of style, proven by the image above. On the very far left we have Robert Redford in his younger days showing that separates are the way to go in his double breasted cream waistcoat with lapels and matching trousers. In the middle is Brad Pitt in a more relaxed outfit, wearing a two piece cream suit with an open collar shirt and last but not least we have P Diddy. He is wearing a two button notched collar, linen, cream suit with silver pocket square.
Want to create a luxe look? Here's a thought:
Clean cut, with slanted flapped pockets, classic notch collar, four buttons on the sleeves, cross pockets on your trouser and flat front for that smart, modern look. Click here to get the look!
Pinstripe three piece with Turquoise lining - perfect for summer!
For ladies:
Slim silhouette in our deep camel brown, birdeye patterned, blended wool, which is perfect for all seasons. Line it in Turquoise!Style your jacket with a half-width lapel, button-down pockets, contrast top stitching in Turquoise, and add a pencil skirt with a narrow waistband to complete the look.
Click here to get the look!

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