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Every man at some stage of his life aspires to be like James Bond - licence to kill, access to an equally sexy selection of cars and women, and of course the ultimate tuxedo. When putting on a flawless suit that fits like a glove it makes any man swagger along oozing with confidence - which as all men know is the key to attracting a woman.
I particularly like the above photograph as it shows James Bond in an everyday light that most men can actually relate to - just holding hands with the wife in your lunch break. And yet, even in this more casual pose, how is he still projecting such an air of effortless, debonair sophistication? With a pale grey, mohair, two piece suit, white shirt and metallic, spot-print tie, that's how. This specific suit shows a double vented, two button jacket with straight flapped pockets and a medium width notched lapel and three cuff buttons. The last button has been left un-done for what I can only assume to be some magnificent cufflinks.
The trousers, slightly unusually, have a 1 inch turn up, straight cut and tapered down the leg. If you fancy trying this style for yourself, I have the design ready and waiting so just follow the link: grey two piece . A very appropriate quote that has always stuck in my mind from his first Bond film, Casino Royale:James Bond: I have a dinner jacket. Vesper Lynd: There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table. James Bond: How?... It's tailored. Vesper Lynd: I sized you up the moment we met.
It is evidently the jacket that maketh the man. And I say maketh the jacket work for the man! (or woman) For example, when I tried to take my partner's attention away from the PlayStation to show him these photos his first comment was, Now that's a Classic Bond Suit, which got me thinking.
All actors honoured with the role of 007 have also been fitted with their own unique take on this classic grey number. The number of buttons, width of trouser, point of the lapel and colour of tie may change but the impact is equal on each man.
007 Suit #5: You Only Live Twice (1967 - Connery)
Perhaps the most well remembered and oft parodied Bond caper, 'You Only Live Twice' had everything you would want from a Bond Movie. - A succession of attractive love interests, check.
- Exotic foreign location, check.
- Civilisation in peril, check.
- Completely implausible, satellite gulping spacecraft, check
- Bloefeld, check.
Having had four succesful box office paydays behind them, the team behind Bond turned things up a notch, with a higher budget, and Roald Dahl on hand to take over the screenwriting duties.
The same fertile imagination that brought us Willy Wonka is on show in this film, with a fully realised Blofeld, whose evil scheme and choice of residence require cosiderable suspension of disbeleif.
Although his circumstances change James Bond's style, however, does not. He might wade into the sartorially choppy waters of the rollneck, as well as a Kimono in parts of the film, but his choice of suits stays reasonably sober.
The video above shows an example is classic early Bond. Monochromatic styling is again the order of the day, with the costume team adopting the principle of if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
His suit drapes very well, evidence that it was cut from a high quality cloth. It is understated tailoring at it's finest. In this case, Bond doesn't need to shout, he can whisper. He the star of the show, and there's no point trying to be too flamboyant when your nemesis is a nehru coated, bald madman that lives with a white cat in a hollowed out volcano, threatening the world with nuclear annhilation.
Next time you find yourself in such common circumstances, we have just the suit for you. Click here to get yours.
With one Bond film every year, Sean Connery was fast becoming something of a regular fixture on the world's silver screens, and certainly a darling of the ladies and the box office alike. Men wanted to be him, women wanted to be with him, the quintessential English gentleman constantly flirting with danger and always impossibly brilliantly dressed in a fantastic suit.
Thunderball did not disappoint, performing on all fronts, and providing us with another fantastic wardrobe to examine. As always, there are a number of brilliant suits in this picture, but I'm going to focus on the dark grey 3 piece ensemble that Bond wears in the opening sequence. Even while beating up the bad guy, Bond's suit is immaculate. Although it is still grey, and Bond does wear a lot of great grey suits very well, this suit is something of a departure for Connery. The darker shade works well with his high contrast face (very dark hair and fair skin, a combination which is still classed as high contrast even though unusually tanned for an Englishman!).
Although this outfit retains some of the classic tailoring such as the slim lapel in his Goldfinger suit, as detailed in Pete's last article , this Thunderball suit is mainly designed around simplicity. Bond has opted to simplify the line to his suit by cutting out vents, waistcoat lapels, and even the breast pocket. The absence of breast pocket is a little won't find that offered willingly in your 1960's England.perhaps he had to buy this suit on the mission in France.but either way, it is a great shame that he cannot wear his signature pocket square to match his shirt. I would always advise getting a breast pocket, not least because we are giving them away in branch this month (while stocks last of course!). Take a look at this James Bond Suit here . I've gone for a heavy flannel, ideal for taking the jetpack for a spin in the autumnal French countryside, and combined it with a deep navy blue lining to compliment his choice of pale blue shirt and dark blue tie. I've also taken the liberty of introducing an individual label, although in James' case, he would surely have deliberately got an individual label under a pseudonim to throw his enemies further off the scent...
One thing I haven't put into this bespoke design however, is the breast pocket, or rather lack of breast pocket. If, however, you dare to wear a breast pocket-less style, we'll be happy to take it off your have only to ask.
Bond. James Bond. With this phrase, uttered on screen in cinemas in 1962, Britain's best loved secret agent catapulted into our collective consciousness. For over 50 years, secret agent 007 has wooed the women and beat the baddies all while remaining the byword for stylish sophistication.
From Goldfinger to Goldeneye, and Connery to Craig, we will be looking back at all of the suits that made Bond a style icon. 007 Suit #1: Dr No (1962 Connery). The costume designer for Bond's 1962 debut would have been thrilled to see Sean Connery walk through the door on the first day of work. Prior to becoming an actor, he spent his early years as a menswear model, and was no doubt chosen as his build is perfect for draping a suit from. Tall and broad shouldered, Connery is a perfect candidate for a slim line two piece suit.
The costume team also worked with his high contrast complexion (light skin tone, dark eyes/hair) to build a non-patterned ensemble that mirrors his features perfectly. Bond's first suit is also a great example of 60's era simplicity. This understated design is truly timeless, and would not look out of place today, almost 60 years later.
For my take on the Dr. No suit, click here for the James Bond two piece, and here for the shirt. The tie I'm afraid, is up to you.
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