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Yesterday the Guinness World Records as part of the 2010 Edition launch announced Sultan Kosen the new record holder for the world's Tallest Man at 8 ft 1 Inch (246.5cm). His inside leg measured 44.5 inches, and his sleeve length was 38 inches.
5cm), this was an extremely tall order for us at A Suit That but the team were confident that they could create a suit that Sultan would cherish and love, as well as being perfectly fitted for him. Sultan mentioned that he finds it difficult to find clothes that fit him so we were spurred on by the challenge of making him a garment that fits him like a glove. Sultan wanted a cool contemporary suit that was still classic an wearable, so we created a beautiful two piece suit in blue pinstripe with a beautiful light blue silk lining and contrast stitching on the lapel button hole. Sultan agreed that the look and feel of a hand-made suit, tailored just for you is something that is second to none.
Sultan was so shocked to have found something that finally fit him perfectly. When asked how he felt about the suit Sultan said 'My suit is absolutely beautiful it's a treasured gift from above'. Johnny Harrison, our chief style adviser at our West End branch, who assisted in the design for Sultan's suit, said that it was important not to drown him. 'We really wanted to follow his form with this suit, and a small pinstripe was great for this' said Johnny 'It was clear from Sultan's reaction to the suit that he'd never had an outfit tailor-made to fit him properly before'. Here is a picture of Claire (standing on the ground) and Myself (standing on a chair) when we got a chance to meet Sultan and congratulate him on his new title. He shook both of our hands and thanked us for his suit which he has worn out for three days solid.
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 A Suit That Fits the World's Tallest Man

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