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Unlike a lot of enthusiastic cyclist I came late to apprieciating the beauty of the bike. For various reason I did not own a bike past the age of a about ten so my real first experience of cycling as a form of travel was at the ripe old age of 25! I was interning for a design company in London and need a cheap and fast way of getting there.
I myself tend not to wear my suit on my way to work but you would surprised the amount of people that do. My old studio manager, our very own David Minns always cycles to work wearing a three piece suit. This dapper gent has even been know to cycle down the street, one hand on the handle bars and the other holding aloft his beautiful vintage umbrella, I kid you not!
With this in mind, if you are more like David than me and wish to don your dapper suit while hurtling through traffic there are a few things you need to remember. Firstly, I would definitely invest in some good bicycle clips for your trousers. This will stop you legs getting catch in the spokes and keep your suits immaculate. I would suggest a more tapered trouser purely for this reason and try and stick to a light weight cloth as cycling can be hot work. Another thing to remember, that I know David Minns swears blind by is to ask for more space across the back of your suit jacket. Tailoring is the art of controlling the body within clothes, for this reason it is not always the most cycle friendly active so extra room across the back is always welcome.
A great option for ladies is to go with separates. A lovely summer dress with a suit jacket, keeps you cool for summer but smart for work. Another option would be to have an A line suit skirt or go with trousers.
But don't forget about your luggage! What about a stylish removable basket for your handbag? Or maybe like this gent you could just sling you briefcase over the handlebars and hope for the best. Great for Amsterdam but I fear this could be a bit more hair raising in a city not know for it's cycle friendly roads!
It's not just about cycling in a suit, what about cycling in an overcoat? Many a time I have been pelting it along the road and all of a sudden the heavens open up and the rain begins to fall, usually as I've just embarked on a half an hour cycle! Sometimes a mac just doesn't cut it, they keep you dry but unlike an overcoat they don't keep you warm. I would advice going for a medium, to light weight cloth though as cycling can sometimes by hard work and soon makes you steam. The art of cycling in a suit The art of cycling in a suit And what about the accessories? When I design tailored garments with my customers I always try and picture the scene. If a gent wants a casual jacket in tweed, where is he going to wear it? With what trousers is he matching it with and what scarf? Every detail should be consider. In that vain I love the photo below. This gent has teamed his two piece beige tweed suit with a vintage looking bike and the ice on the cake are his fingerless gloves, perfect for a country tailored look.
The art of cycling in a suit
Welcome to the hottest fashion across the asian wedding scene. If you would like a fully bespoke suit, shirt or even matching accessories to your wedding colours at an affordable price try A Suit That Fits.
We can tailor a garment down to a quarter of an inch of its life, allowing us to design the style you have always dreamed about at a price which won't break the bank. Below are a couple of pictures nicely supplied by Bal and Dal. What a lovely couple they make. They came to see us just before Christmas at an asian wedding show in Birmingham. After speaking to the both of them I realized we could definitely help and I booked them an appointment to come into our studio. Bal's suit took 6-8 weeks to make. We designed a one button single breasted three piece suit in a medium grey pure wool with hand stitched notched collar.
We added little touches to match with Bal and Dal's the wedding colours. The suit jacket had contrast piping in a ES silk electric blue as well as making a feature of the cuff stitching by stitching the last buttonhole in electric blue. We even made him a matching tie in the suit cloth. What a great look, very smart with a bespoke shirt which also had different styling attributes as seen below. We used a large paisley lining to go with the contrast piping with an individual label with their initials and wedding date. This made Bal's suit extra special for his big day. The bespoke shirt is cut half inch longer than the jacket sleeves to create the perfect look. As you move your arms your shirt cuffs will show for that perfect style. We added top stitching all around the shirt to match with the wedding colours and all the button stitching was made in grey with white buttons. The under collar and cuffs are also made in grey for a nice contrast against the white shirt. This gives little hints of detail without overpowering the whole outfit, it looks just great!
Bal and Dal you both look amazing and we wish you all the best in the future.
As many of you may know, I do like to include my clients in my blog content and when Paul and Catherine e-mailed me some stunning pictures of their recent wedding, I couldn't resist.
As you'll all no doubt notice, even Paul's tie was customised to look like a microchip. Paul chose our Kid Mohair Light Grey cloth to build his wedding suit. He went with a three piece, always a favourite of grooms, with peaked lapels (half width), with a two button front, straight pockets with no flaps and a double vent at the rear of the jacket. His lining was the stunning B3 Burgundy with a large paisley design. The waistcoat was designed with five buttons so that it would show even when the jacket was worn. It had a notched base and the back of the waistcoat matching the suit lining.
Paul and Catherine were an absolute delight to work with. Looking at these pictures, it seems that, on the day, everything looked amazing. Guys, I hope you enjoy your honeymoon later this year, and remember, our Mohair is perfect for the warmer climate. You'll still look stylish on the beach.
Men in Black; Valencia and Hernandez suits: Always slick both footballers look great in well cut slim fitting black suits with notched lapels and finished off with skinny ties.
Ashley Young does the casual smart look pairing jeans with a slim fit jacket and waistcoat. A look that is perfect for hitting the clubs and something that all the ladies love.
Rio looking every bit the stylish playboy. His peaked lapels hint at power with his one button making for longer lines and showing off his slim physic. The black pocket square matched with his black shirt finishes the outfit and tells us that he's a man that means business!
Ryan Giggs looks sharp is this sharkskin slim fit two piece. Again emulating power with his peaked lapels, one button jacket and slanted flapped pockets.
David Walliams' cheeky sense of humour has sure spiced up this years Britain's got talent. Watching him wind up Simon Cowell is almost as entertaining as the acts themselves.
A classic jacket with ticket pockets, extra wide peaked lapels and trousers with turn-ups, very now! The waistcoat was a classic six button master piece, minimal detail, given good balance with his knitted tie. What really makes this out fit work is the carefully considered proportions, something which Chris and myself have detailed in recent blogs. Though it is always good to go over the finer points using a specific subject.
Here we see a somewhat unflattering picture of David, this does however help us to understand his proportions. He is longer through the body than the leg but still quite broad over all. To get good balance for this kind of shape his jacket is slightly shorter than the classic with wider lapels and a knitted tie to create a bold upper torso. The knitted tie is a trendy, more interesting option than satin, favoured by our very own Pete Beeney who also has a longer upper body..
The six button waistcoat has more clout than the three or four and helps to shorten the torso further. Here I would add a double pocket for detail and to break up a large area of colour. This will help to keep the look balanced and paired with a crisp white shirt, you're on to a real winner.
The real 'finisher' to this classic look is the choice of cloth; light with a touch of lustre, something like our PTD range, a blend of silk and wool. The silk adds a beautiful twist to a classic look.
So if you are a broader chap and longer in the body than the leg you could do a lot worse than to emulate David Walliams. I am very much looking forward to his future sartorial choices for this years Britain's Got Talent! The Boys Got Talent
An adaptation of 'A Servant and Two Masters' by Goldoni it is set in the 1960's and perfect for a modern, British audience. I failed to go and see it while James Corden was in the role of Francis Henshall but the other week I treated myself to a little after work outing with a girlfriend.
I loved the way the production focused on taking visual clues from the costume to inform us of the character types and their function within the plot. This was subtle but still visable to the theatre savvy. But probably my favourite aspect of the performance (given my profession) was the attention to detail in the costume of this 60's extravaganza.
Here we see one of the iconic 60's looks; carefully contrasting cloths, trousers with a single pleat and braces with a sports jacket with a slight longer length. In the context of the play it shows the rakish vanity of the character when combined with the slick hair and general demeanour. To bring this look up to date create a slimmer line to your trousers and jacket, cut out the pleats, airing on the slim side with your lapel. White collar and cuffs are really in style at the moment and mixed with a striped cloth for the rest of the shirt, this look is just super!
A note for any ladies reading; the use of suiting separates and carefully mis-matching cloths gives you great versatility. When choosing your suiting go for a few full suits in cloths that will work with each other. Then pick a few stand out cloths for single garments again remembering versatility is the key here. Bold trousers and skirts with simpler blouses and jackets are must this year.
I find the costume of the character Francis utterly charming. A little nod perhaps to the diamond print of the harlequin role that he presides within. Checks and tweeds within suiting have been really winners on the catwalks the past couple of seasons. Brown and blueish tones work beautifully together and something like the Check-875083-2 or our TPO range are all appropriate here. With summer not far off though it might be a good idea to bear in mind the CB range of checks as light weight alternatives.
Looking at other characters within the play we come across the use of crisp white shirts. This look is simple but kept almost comically 60's with this crazy paving tie with a diamond print. A style tip here would be to try not to mix check suiting with bold print ties. One Man Two Govners, man in three piece checked suit One Man Two Govners, man in white shirt and bold tie, lady dressed as a man in a dinner jacket Another great tip this play has to offer is the use of classic men's tailoring on women. Provide you are not to full in the chest this can create a bold look. A slim fit dinner jacket can give you great taster of this look, a great advocate of this being Kate Moss (see Hana's blog for more info). These slim line slightly masculine jackets offer great options for pairing with jeans for a more casual look.
One of the reasons the characters costumes are so important is that visual character clues are a must in any comedy of errors. The importance of dress is also true in every day life. A persons first impression of you is often based on the your handshake, your smile and the way you dress. A crisp well cut suit speaks volumes but the devil is in the detail
-A slim lapel can give a slick modern look suggesting you're a forward thinker and like to keep up to date. But be warned if it's wrong for your build (such as a very broad or boxy shape) it may suggest that you follow fashions blindly and need a lot of direction even if you are a hard worker.
-Peaked Lapels look great and ladies can wear them all the time but gents need to be careful as they suggest power and if you're a young guy in a low level job it might come across as arrogance. It might be best to keep it for sports jackets until you've got a few more years under your belt.
- Small, bright contrasting details on a very sombre suit hint to a fun side of your personality. It's a nice detail and subtle enough for a day in the office but be careful, a full set of contrasting button holes is a statement not a detail.
If you have any worries about coming over as 'just another man in a suit' come and see your local Style Advisor. We'll help you pick details that are right for you.
The phenomenal success of English boy band One Direction, after coming third in the 7th series of the X Factor, has culminated in a number one spot in America for their debut album Up All Night.The band, comprising members Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis, are now embarking on what looks like a sell out US tour to promote their album.
35 million Twitter followers already, the boys are proving to be a music sensation, and they're also showing a great sartorially individual style in their choice of suits too.Maybe better known for their trendy casual gear, the boys have also been cutting a dash in a series of sharp suits. I have already noticed an increase in popularity in my Oxford, Reading and Camberley studios of their preference for an ultra-fitted cut. In the above picture of the band at an X Factor gig, from left to right, Liam is wearing a charcoal two button suit in a mohair cloth, with narrow notch lapels, straight flapped pockets and narrow flat front trousers .
For a free no obligation consultation at any of my studios, click the links below: One Direction hit the States! One Direction hit the States!
If you like Louis maroon suit click here:
One Direction hit the States:
When you put aside sound it is vital that all visual details are highly considered. The focus now relies on what we can see, a person's dress becomes highly important, telling us a lot about the character.
Above all it's the shades of grey that give the detail, but the extremes that define and hold focus on the image. All these tools and observations are things you can use to your advantage in your day to day life. Peaked lapels feature heavily and this stunning double breasted three piece in a tweed cloth fits this gentleman's (Al Zimmer) rounder body shape. The lapel gives him presence when compared to the gentleman next to him. The key thing to remember though when picking a work suit is context. Bear in mind your profession and ask yourself the relevant questions, such as, is a peak too much for your job? As an accountant probably yes but for a PR executive this more flamboyant look could be perfect.
The Artist features iconic tails, satin peaked lapels, double breasted waistcoat and satin covered buttons. The difference in textures carry well in black and white. If you're getting married this year and want to go black tie this is the look I'd go for! Classic, classy and a real stand out style. It screams elegance and success from the tip of the peak, to the fall of the tail. The subtle textures carry as well across a room full of guests as they do through the media of film.
'Disheveled' I think is the word, with the rumpled suit emphasising George's state of mind. Keeping sharp will always give you more confidence and make you more effective in you work life, it's also a good trick for catching a ladies eye. Remember Barney from 'How I Met Your Mother,' the cheesy lines don't work but the sharp suit will turn heads.
And what mention of The Artist would be complete with out a mention of little Uggy. He ultimately proves that subtle detail like a bow tie can make even a dog fit for the red carpet.
Oxford bags were a loose fitting, wide legged trouser worn by students at the University of Oxford in the 1920s and remained popular until the 1950s.
The style made a comeback in the 1970's, often worn with platform shoes, and a shorter variant of Oxford bags with tartan trimmings was made popular by a Scottish boy band, The Bay City Rollers.
If you have a hankering for this stylish trouser, come and see me at my Oxford, Reading or Camberley studios, and let me tailor a pair for you.
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