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Vogue UK are running a story on their website about Ian Schrager, the founder of Studio 54, telling his story in an upcoming book. Schrager is quoted as saying, If the hunter does not tell the story, the lion will.
With the recent success of Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams wearing sparkling silver and blue tuxedos, now is the time to style a suit from the 70s. When it comes to lapel size, the bigger the better! Your lapels should be peaked and as wide as your jacket's chest piece allows. Aim for width with your trouser legs, too; in fact, ask for extra flare when you meet with our style advisor. Since the 70s were a big era for the three piece suit, you should style your waistcoat with a notched base and a full four or five buttons. Whereas today we tend to make our vests a subtle addition to our suits, the 70s never held back and neither should you.
Your jacket shouldn't be too short, either: the 70s weren't a time when Italian or French cuts predominated. Aim for breadth and flashiness not minimalism or subtlety. What about colour? For an idea of the kinds of colours and contrasts you should go for if you're interested in a 70s-era suit, click on Get the Look for a slate grey suit with a pink satin lining. People in the 70s loved mixing light grays with bright colours like pink and purple. If you don't know what I mean, just check out David Bowie and Romy Haag above. .
Sartorial Hero: David Bowie
I'm Eddy, the latest addition to the team of Style Advisors here at A Suit That Fits .
He knows how to mix it up too; he wears sharply tailored suits with matching pocket squares, he sometimes substitutes the jacket for a waistcoat but also uses bright, non traditional colours. What always shines through is his confidence and nonchalance in whatever he wears.
If you hanker after the Thin White Duke look, or any other of his iconic styles, why not let us help you!

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