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The most talked about theatrical event right now is happening on the other side of the pond starring British actors. I'm talking about the latest Broadway production of Harold Pinter's 1978 play Betrayal, with real-life husband and wife Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz portraying an unfaithful couple.
All this excitement on Broadway has got me thinking one thing: what do our A Suit That Fits clientele like to wear to the theatre? If you're anything like me, you're not shy about dressing up to see a play: things may have changed somewhat since the days when formal attire was unanimously expected, but the theatre is still a ceremonious place and since women nearly always dress up, I believe that gentlemen should dress accordingly. Not only does dressing up build your own excitement for the evening, it makes your guest feel good, too. So what does one wear to the theatre? One of your weekday corporate suits in navy, black or grey, should be avoided.
Why dress up for the theatre if you're not distinguishing your style from any other work day? A three-piece suit is a good option, although these days you may actually feel over-dressed in a waistcoat. Another option is to go for a sharp, modern suit with a casual element mixed in, such as an open collar minus the tie or some loafers or dress slippers without socks. Of course, the theater is usually an evening event so, unless you're going to a matinee, you want to dress a little more glitzy and chic, meaning darker, evening colours, bolder contrasts and more fitted cuts. Save your looser linens or pastel shades for the daytime. What about a tuxedo? Is it ever appropriate to wear one to the theatre? If it's opening night: of course! Otherwise, stick to a suit or a contrasting jacket and trousers. Happy shopping!.
Tom Ford launched his spring/summer 2014 collection back in June as part of London Collections but it's taken until now for the collection's lookbook to arrive. Now that we're able to describe the collection more fully, all I can say is that it's full of the sleek, elegant, '70s-style silhouettes we've come to love and expect from Ford here at A Suit That Fits.
The plainer, monochrome day jackets, called the O'Connor and designed originally for Daniel Craig to wear as Bond, are pleasingly simple: slim-fit, double-buttoned, with summery white buttons, deep, spacious pockets and peaked lapels. The trousers are slim, narrower towards the ankle and single-pleated. If you're looking for a similar look for next spring, I recommend the slim-fit worsted wool sharkskin-designed New York Summers suit with a cream satin lining. Check it out here!.
Tom Ford's '70s fascination
Now, It's not very often I find inspiration for a blog in a red-top, but after noticing this article in one of the best selling red-tops in the UK, I had a thought. For once, the article was factual and insightful.
I'm only going to look at a few of the chaps mentioned. Mainly the ones which I feel have had the biggest transformation since moving to Hollywood, and to be honest, the biggest change in each chap is the styling. First up, Here we have our current 007, Daniel Craig. I must admit, I'd heard of him before he was named as the new James Bond, but I wansn't overly familiar with him. The transformation, however, is plain to see. Here we see a rather relaxed looking Daniel Craig (circa 2004), but with the help of a good haircut, and a fantastic looking suit , we can see the difference. (Tuxedo is Midnight Blue in colour with Black Silk Shawl Lapel, Black Silk Jetted Pockets and furnished with a White Handkerchief ).
Next is a chap who has been on our screens for years, yet he's still only 26 years old. First seen in the Harry Potter movies (2005 onwards), it's hard to imagine the rapid rise to fame that Twilight has brought him.Looking very casual in the older photo, we can see the change brought about by a tidy haircut and a sharp looking suit . The colour really suits his skin tone too, working with his hair colour to compliment his tone. Nice slim lapels, with a slim tie to match. Very trendy.
Last, but not least, someone you'd probably least expect to see on this page, however, i think he's very underestimated in the Style word. Hugh Laurie has had a fantastic career on both sides of the ocean, with his recent portrayal of Dr House winning him much acclaim in the USA, and a whole new army of admirers.
During his time on British TV, I always found him rather drab, although his talent was never in doubt. Admittedly, I am a fan of the 3 piece suit being worn in the older image here (mainly because I loathe the open shirt neck), but the more modern picture does him justice as the suit colour matches his profile much better.
So, in conclusion, if all it takes is a decent haircut and a sharp looking suit, why haven't you already booked an appointment with me? We have all seen the difference it can make. See you all soon? The Male-over
The Male-over The Male-over The Male-over
We've all been waiting for it. Been teased and tempted by various clips, reports and photographs. and FINALLY we have the official premiere of the newest James Bond film Skyfall back where it belongs in London.
So with all eyes undoubtedly on the man of the moment, James Bond himself in the form of Daniel Craig - he certainly didn't disappoint. A classic black dinner suit worn with a crisp white dress shirt , dress studs, matching pocket square and bow tie - simple, fabulous. Though in a reversal of the traditional black jacket with satin lapels , Craig has gone for a matt shawl collar with textured satin jacket . If you're looking for something similar our blue collection-D5 would be the best selection.
Pictured here with Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe who looks absolutely divine in this sumptuous Vivienne Westwood creation (I have an obsession with her incredible bodices) you can see the Bond suit in more detail with his straight flapless pockets and straight tapered trousers - even a satin cummerbund . He's stuck to a thoroughly classic tailored suit which I think is quite appropriate for the occasion celebrating one of Britain's finest.
Shedding the black cape of 'You Know Who', villain Ralph Fiennes gave us another excellent example of a classic dinner suit , complete with satin shawl collar , flapless pockets and satin piping down the trouser seam. You'd normally see a slightly wider satin stripe but this finer piping looks rather edgy!
Amongst the glamourous cast of Skyfall there was also a glittering array of celebrities including Ms Naomi Campbell. I mentioned this new trend of the female interpretation of the dinner suit and I was delighted to find another superb example!The extra-wide peaked lapels enhance the jacket 's feature shoulder pads which give a really dramatic shape to the jacket , and the sweeping cross-over of the striking white lapels bring your eyes into her already tiny waist - very elegant. You'll also notice the back-to-front double vent - most probably intended as more of a stylish slit than a vent but I certainly appreciated the irony!
A Suit That Fits
Nothing is sharper than a fine tailored suit . It evokes a certain kind of confidence and I think that is the most important part of a gentleman's wardrobe. However to my surprise, a lot of men get it all wrong when it comes down to the nitty-gritty.
If you are going to wear a suit, make sure it's a full suit and a combination of a suit jacket and a pair of trousers . They may be the same color, but the texture and shade can vary dramatically and anyone in the know will be able to tell the difference. Suit trousers always wear out faster than the jacket , so when purchasing a suit , it is always a wise investment to buy an additional pair of trousers.
To button or not to button that is the question most confusing for a lot of guys. Follow these rules and you will never get it wrong again.
Two-button jacket : The rule is very simple here. Never button the bottom button of your jacket ever!
Three-button jacket : The rule here is Sometimes (top button), Always (middle button) and never (bottom button).
Double-breasted jacket : Follow the same rules here as the single breasted jackets. 6x2 double breasted is the most popular style. As seen in the picture, the bottom buttonhole is never buttoned, just like its 2 button single-breasted counterparts. FIVE GOLDEN RULES OF HOW TO WEAR A SUIT... FIVE GOLDEN RULES OF HOW TO WEAR A SUIT... Functional cuffs : A fine tailored suit will always have working buttonholes. In this case, you want to always leave the bottom buttonhole opened. Waistcoat : Does not matter how many button is on the waistcoat . You want to always leave the last buttonhole on your waistcoat opened. FIVE GOLDEN RULES OF HOW TO WEAR A SUIT... FIVE GOLDEN RULES OF HOW TO WEAR A SUIT... Jacket length is very tricky because of the current crop jacket look. Unless you are going for a super trendy look, I recommend you to follow the classic jacket length rule. Jacket length should be half of your total body proportions. This way, you ensure that your seat is always covered, which is the most appropriate for the office. You can go shorter if you like, but make sure that the back of your jacket falls below your seat. FIVE GOLDEN RULES OF HOW TO WEAR A SUIT... FIVE GOLDEN RULES OF HOW TO WEAR A SUIT... Sleeve length is a very personal thing. Some guys like to show sleeve cuff while others prefer not. If you like to show a little cuff , make sure to show about 3/8 to 1/2, anything more than that will make your jacket sleeve length seem way too short. If you are not a fan of showing cuff , then make sure your jacket sleeve length falls right where the biggest part of your thumb begins, right below your wrist.
From left to right:
Sleeve is way too long.
Perfect amount of shirt cuff shown here
Sleeve is way too short.
The most contemporary style right now is the flat front trouser , no cuffs with a slight break. (Yes, showing socks is definitely a plus, so make sure you wear the nice ones!)
The more classic and elegant way to wear a pair of trouser is pleated with a cuff. It is definitely more of a retro look . If you are going to go with this style, the trick to making it more modern is to wear it with a 1 to 2 cuff with a very narrow bottom and a slight break.
This year, the Barbican plays host to a fantastic celebration. Yes, it has been 50 years since the first Bond movie, 'Dr No.' This year, 'Skyfall' is due to hit the big screens and what better way to celebrate than to open up the archives to the public.
You can see designs from fashion heavyweights such as Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Freda Giannini, Prada, Versace, Anthony Sinclair and many more. Of course, here at A Suit That Fits, we love to see the tailored items. We can take or leave the cars and watches, it's the suits that we're keeping our eyes pealed for.
There's the Sean Connery look (above) classic styling with notched collar and straight flapped pockets. I would even go as far to say an ever so slightly boxy relaxed shape.
Or Pierce Brosnan, bring a tighter sharper look to Bond, with a closer fitting waist and trousers.
But may favourite has to be the current Bond, Daniel Craig. With the cool calm and charism of Connery but with a slimmer fitting silohette like Brosnan Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond. A one button dinner suit works perfectly on him, worn with a slim fit trouser he looks the bomb!
I suppose the real question is, when your strolling around this amazing exhibition, who is your favourite Bond? And was it the Tux or the overall style of the famous British spy that drew such a following? 50 Years of Bond Styling
50 Years of Bond Styling 50 Years of Bond Styling 50 Years of Bond Styling 50 Years of Bond Styling
Every man at some stage of his life aspires to be like James Bond - licence to kill, access to an equally sexy selection of cars and women, and of course the ultimate tuxedo. When putting on a flawless suit that fits like a glove it makes any man swagger along oozing with confidence - which as all men know is the key to attracting a woman.
I particularly like the above photograph as it shows James Bond in an everyday light that most men can actually relate to - just holding hands with the wife in your lunch break. And yet, even in this more casual pose, how is he still projecting such an air of effortless, debonair sophistication? With a pale grey, mohair, two piece suit, white shirt and metallic, spot-print tie, that's how. This specific suit shows a double vented, two button jacket with straight flapped pockets and a medium width notched lapel and three cuff buttons. The last button has been left un-done for what I can only assume to be some magnificent cufflinks.
The trousers, slightly unusually, have a 1 inch turn up, straight cut and tapered down the leg. If you fancy trying this style for yourself, I have the design ready and waiting so just follow the link: grey two piece . A very appropriate quote that has always stuck in my mind from his first Bond film, Casino Royale:James Bond: I have a dinner jacket. Vesper Lynd: There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table. James Bond: How?... It's tailored. Vesper Lynd: I sized you up the moment we met.
It is evidently the jacket that maketh the man. And I say maketh the jacket work for the man! (or woman) For example, when I tried to take my partner's attention away from the PlayStation to show him these photos his first comment was, Now that's a Classic Bond Suit, which got me thinking.
All actors honoured with the role of 007 have also been fitted with their own unique take on this classic grey number. The number of buttons, width of trouser, point of the lapel and colour of tie may change but the impact is equal on each man.
Whilst we all love to be different from one another, one thing remains the same, we all want a well fitting suit. Unfortunately there are other factors at play and we loose sight of our original goal. How many times have you been swayed by a price tag, or a name, but been bitterly disappointed at some aspect of the garment you've just taken home? 'Sure, it's a lovely cloth, but the jacket is a little tight'.
But the real question is Why?. We are all romanced by the shop windows, the magazine adverts, the TV adverts. We love to wear what the celebrities are seen in. How many of you guys have wanted The Beckham look at some point over the years. You take you hard earned wages to the shops, and you part with it just to be like your idols. You get home, look in the mirror only to find that, whilst it looked fantastic on Mr Beckham, it looks 'okay' on you. Bespoke is the answer to all of your questions. It is the plain and simple truth of the matter. A bespoke tailor will match your skin, hair and eye tones to the cloth that is perfect for you, not Russell Brand.
He or she will take measurements unique to your individual body shape, not Daniel Craig's. They will judge accurately your shoulder and back shape, not that of Ryan Reynolds. When the suit is ready to collect, you will put it on. You will stand in front of that mirror, and look at the person staring back. Then, and only then, will you realise - This is why the celebs look so good. Perfect shoulders, precise sleeve length, waist nipped in at the exact spot your body does. These are all attributes of a perfectly tailored garment. Not something you picked up one day after an hour on the high street. I mean, do you honestly think that Daniel Craig walks into Ralph Lauren, picks up a 40R jacket and 34R trousers, and emerges from the fitting room looking like he's ready for a magazine shoot? The truth is, that what is presented to you in a shop window, or a magazine advert, has been tailored on the model to within an inch of its life. This is what makes you think it'll do the same for you. And this is why you should take your hard earned money to your nearest tailor, and let him work his magic on you.
James Bond returns with the launch of the 23rd bond in the famous film franchise.
Tom Ford is currently dressing James Bond. The designer kitted out Daniel Craig for his role as Agent 007 in Quantum of Solace at Craig's request, and will resume the role for the upcoming Bond film, Skyfall.
The new bond film is set to hit British cinemas on Oct 26, 2012.
Here at A Suit That Fits, we do keep a close eye on the movie industry, with Tom Ford dressing Daniel Craig what style will he use? Will the famous 007 dinner suit be a double breasted style or a slender single breasted one button style, with a very fashionable shawl collar - as seen in the middle picture below. Or will it be a peaked collar as the picture on the bottom left shows. One thing for certain he will look very stylish.

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