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Jun 20

What does Superman the "Man of Steel" wear when he's not wearing his red & blue suit?

Posted by David Haynes in WaistcoatTwo Piece SuitThree Piece Suitthree piece beige suitthree buttonstailorsTailoringSuper mansuitred and bluePocket SquareMan of SteelHenry CavillClark KentChristopher Reevebespoke tailoringa suit that fits

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What does Superman the "Man of Steel" wear when he's not wearing his red & blue suit?
This Month see's "Henry Cavill" pick up the ultimate suit of armour! We at a suit that fits wonder & look back at what Superman sports when dressing for normal occasions. 

"You know when not saving the human race or the planet of course"!

Is it a two piece  or a three piece suit  the ultimate hero desires?

Will it be a notch or peaked lapel to showcase that powerful silhouette? 

Well we start off with a little look and a nod of appreciation to Henry Cavill,

Looking at those broad shoulders he certainly has visited a bespoke tailor, the jacket proportions appear very good indeed the right amount of cuff on show, the button placement even on the jacket front compliments his new found physique -perfectly!  

The fabric is a darker tonal colour, with a check ! The design, a three piece suit a waistcoat / vest  has been added for a slender sleek look with three buttons on show!  What we really like is the use of an extra ticket pocket to add depth & draw the eye to his slender waist on the Jacket and then the eye naturally heads up to the broad shoulders drawn,by the line of the wider peaked lapel. Perfection achieved, only when an individual pattern Is drawn & cut!
Our previous actor climbing into the red & blues was  "Brandon Routh!" Back in 2006 in Superman Returns. 
We have a classic button down shirt with a striped tie colour coordinated using the same tones as the waistcoat and Brandon's hair colour, if the waistcoat was buttoned up and tie knotted appropriately we have no doubt he would look very slick!

 We would suggest adding a tie pin for a stylish finish!

Brandon dressing fore-sure for a day in the office as Clarke Kent! Slightly disheveled or could he be heading for the blue & red! May be a power plant is in
melt down near by?

We surely can't mention Superman with out looking back at the late great talented actor "Christopher Reeve" who took on the red & blue suit for 4 outings, from 1978 to 1987!

Something you may not have known?
The late Mr Reeve said, "By the late 1970s the masculine image had changed... Now it was acceptable for a man to show gentleness and vulnerability. I felt that the new Superman ought to reflect that contemporary male image." He based his portrayal of Clark Kent on Cary Grant in his role  in Bringing Up Baby.

The Clarke Kent we know today was born! 

Shown here wearing a bespoke created  three piece beige suit .The shoulder angle looks great, Mr Kent here has gone for a notched lapel, to aid the appearance of a reduced shoulder width. Keeping in true custom a waistcoat has been added showing off three buttons we believe, with a slight flash of a pocket square in his breast pocket! 

Our verdict at "A Suit That Fits" Our favourite Super hero loves a three piece suit! Now we are not saying we could create the red & blues! However if you find yourself needing a well fitted bespoken garment, why not try "A Suit That Fits" we have recently opened our latest studio in Dublin , Ireland!

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