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Feb 19

Skinny Ties: How and when to wear one.

Posted by Tayo Ajetunmobi in thin tieTailored SuitSkinny tiesSkinny tiesnarrow tiemenswearfabricblazerblack tieaccessory

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Although it’s nothing more than a long piece of fabric , the tie is an elemental accessory when it comes to the creation of a sublime suited gentleman. Simply adorning the front of a shirt and thus being an undeniable focus of attention for the entire look, this simple piece is one of the most pervasive pieces in menswear.


Over the years, the classic tie has been reproduced into array different and distinct forms- from the colour, to the fabric , the length and even the width. This means that choosing a tie has become a rather demanding task.

The skinny tie is also known as the thin tie or narrow tie , as its name suggests, the main characteristic of this tie is its understated width which is typically between a modest 2 and 3 inches.

How to wear it

If you’re one of the dapper folks in the country that likes to create your own identity, the skinny tie is the one for you. It will give you a truly individual sixties-era retro look that’ll effectively separate you from the commonplace of indistinguishable ties of the present era. Thus, the distinctive nature of the thin tie gives you the unparalleled opportunity to create a personal trademark that’ll be recognised and respected by all; you should also know that wearing a thin tie doesn’t require sartorial audacity.

One of the things about skinny tie is the accentuation of a slender frame that it gives any body type; that means everyone can don one. Ideally, a skinny tie should be teamed with other pieces that lay a greater emphasis on length slightly than width. For example, a thin-lapel blazer ; a skinny tie and a thin lapel radiate an elegant air of modern sophistication.

When to wear it

On the matter of the suitable time to wear a skinny tie , I’d sincerely say that this accessory can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. When it comes to casual situations, the thin tie can be paired with a simple button-up with either the sleeves rolled-up or under a dashing contemporary blazer . Thus, for a more laidback look, I recommend that you knot the skinny tie in a loose manner that eschews excessive formality while embracing an easy-going nature. When it comes to formal attire, the skinny tie should be worn with a tailored suit in order to emphasise a more graceful profile. It should also be tied in a tight fashion that reflects the formality of the occasion.


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