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The British Monarchy, were, once upon a time, beacons of sartorial elegance, and, in some cases, dandy's of the highest order; Henry VIII immediately springs to mind. And, others, fashion pioneers; Edward VII, The Prince of Wales is lauded with being responsible for styles that we are still wearing to this day: trouser creases and turn-ups, the notched waistcoat with unfastened bottom button are still considered de rigueur - The Prince of Wales even had a cloth named after him for goodness sake!
So it saddens me that in these times of sartorial resurgence, we are bereft of shining examples of sartorial excellence leading from the helm.
And whilst I have long since been a fan of Edward VII's son, Edward VIII, whose relaxed jib cut a dash regardless the occasion - his golfing attire a particular favourite of mine - since the great abdicator left us to fight WWII all alone, the succeeding Prince of Wales also left a gaping chasm in the sartorial stakes. With perhaps one exception; HRH Prince Michael of Kent.
Born in Bucks, it transpires, and not Kent - much to my chagrin, though I take some pride in his being my Home County's monarch - the Prince has style, and lots of it!
Like his uncle Edward VIII, and, moreover, great grandfather Edward VII, Prince Michael always cuts a dash. Typically seen looking resplendent in double breasted suits and blazers with a generous lapel; both framing and complimenting his broad shoulders and his trademark, epic beard!
He is always immaculately turned-out and pays attention to detail; one need only look at his huge tie knot to appreciate the flamboyance of the man. And the trademark beard has never gone out of fashion on this style icon - in the words of Michael Caine: if you wear something for long enough, it will come back into fashion.
Bristol's local tailor has long since been a fan of the double breasted suit, but there is something so regal about the DB in chalk stripe and I believe that there are certain cloths which lend themselves to the old rear guard of men's style: dog tooth, herringbone to name but a few.
And so I leave you with this amazing image, taken by Allan Warren, of the British Monarch's beacon of hope, resplendent in chalk stripe DB: HRH Prince Michael of Kent.
By the way, if you would like to discuss your sartorial requirements, or, moreover, your secret desire to be swathed in the security blanket which is a double breasted suit, or perhaps want to express your inner dandy, then please do get in touch.

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