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In his latest film the critics have been severe but to quote the man himself I am doing things that are true to me. The only thing I have a problem with is being labelled.
Johnny, seen here in a pure white sharp look that has become a trade mark style and inspiration for many tailoring stylists with lots of layers to add interest. Looks great on a red carpet, but in Manchester or Birmingham they may think John Travolta has rolled into town.
Here he has a complete change of look, for the Golden Globes, in his Double Breasted tailored Ganster suit, with pink tie and red handkerchief to finish the I am in charge appearance. Here's a great double breasted number:
Born on the 9th June 1963 in Kentucky Johnny rose to fame playing a key role in A Nightmare on Elm Street his life has been far from a nightmare on any street having long term relationships with Kate Moss in 1994-98 and is now the partner of Vanessa Paradis most famous for Joe le taxi 80's music hit.
In his spare time, when he's not receiving an award or two for being the sexiest man alive, he loves wine making and music. He is already in the Guiness Book of Records for the highest paid actor in 2012, when his earnings top $75 million.
In his role as a rum soaked journalist, Johnny plays to the camera with his usual ease and swagger and when your the highest paid actor in the film business, who cares what the critics say, perhaps he should have used them for case study for this latest film! Bespoke brown two piece suit with pinstripes Bespoke checked brown overcoat with a silk scarf In the picture below shows Johnny wears a very on trend tweed check coat , distressed denim shirt , scarf in lilac silk and matching sun shades. Here's a great tweed coat:
His style is very classic with originality added, he loves a fedora hat to finish the look of celebrity. Striking suits he wears with such comfort with shoes that weren't bought from the high street.
The only thing you could label Johnny Depp as is Awesome and that's one label I am sure he won't mind.

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