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Feb 22

Food Trends 2013

Posted by Tomm Coles in vitamin Cseasonal trendson trendmale healthhealthyFashion

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It's not just the fashion world that pays close attention to seasonal trends. At this time of
year the food world is ablaze with trend reports telling us what's hot and what's not in
eateries across the UK. Over the past couple of years these reports have shown a
gradual trend towards wholesome eating, but this year our fascination with all things
nutritional has surpassed itself. We are clearly lapping up food that not only tastes great
but a packs a nutritional punch too. Here are some of this years highlights that are
guaranteed to keep your food choices bang on trend!









 Kohlrabi has been labelled 'the new beetroot'. It might look like 

something from another planet but Kohlrabi, a distant cousin of the
cabbage, is set for the big time this year. It tastes a bit like a broccoli, can be eaten raw or cooked and is rich source of potassium, 

vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre. If you come across the purple variety snap it up, as a purple pigment means higher antioxidant levels. In the UK Kohlrabi isn't in season yet, so look forward to seeing more of it in the Summer.







In 2012 we saw some adventurous tea blends emerge onto the health food market. And 2013 may see even more of us take to the tea lounge rather than to

the coffee bar. If you find yourself in the big smoke it's definitely worth indulging in the ‘TEA-TOX' at Brown's Hotel in Mayfair, who have put a healthy spin on the traditional English high tea, with gluten-free and sugar-free options, and even a low-calorie champagne!

 Green, jasmine and hibiscus teas are also starting to feature in a range of food products, from cocktails to smoothies to frozen yoghurt. And when re-stocking the tea caddy at home, take pride in Blighty blends such as Tregothnan‘s teas, grown in our very own 





 While the catwalk is embracing big bold colours this SS13 the food world is following suit 

by embracing big bold flavours. Its no co-incidence that both umami and fermentation
have emerged on the trend reports this year, for this is definitely the year that we are
craving flavours that knock you cashmere socks off. Umami, originally identified in Japan
and otherwise known as the ‘fifth taste', was brought to the forefront of trendy food in
Britain by Heston Blumenthal. American umami-enthusiast Adam Fleischman opened his
restaurant Umami in celebration of his fascination with the fifth taste, which we hope
makes it over to the UK soon. The lean turkey burger is out of this world ans is great news for digestive health.

If big, bold flavours are your thing, you might like to experiment with kimchi and sauerkraut, both of which will get your taste buds signing from the roof tops while also being bang on trend with our rediscovery of all things fermented. These foods also get a double thumbs-up as fermented foods









The humble vegetable features next on the 2013 healthy food trend list, which is handy for London's top vegetarian restaurants Mildreds, The Gate, and Saf. Vegetarian food can be 

high in protein and phytonutrients, so enjoying a vegetarian main course a few times a
week is a great way to diversify your diet and get your five-a-day. Pulses such as
chickpeas and lentils can make a great meat substitute in your stews and shepherds pie,
so get creative in the kitchen and enjoy some hearty and trendy veg!



Black rice is a sexy little addition to 2013 food trending. Not only does it dark and mysterious on the plate, but it's full of antioxidants and fibre, so might take your fancy as an experimental alternative to brown rice. Real Foods online stocks organic black rice for home-delivery, or visit Camden restaurant Gilgamesh if you don't fancy cooking it yourself and trial a selection of their delicious black rice specialities.







We've all witnessed London's burger boom, which kicked off

with the introduction of the Byron chain and has culminated in trendy burger joints focusing on good quality meat, such as Honest Burgers, Lucky Chip, and Burger & Lobster.

Now we see a continuation of the trend in simplified eating with a new "bird" in town: chicken. Going out for a chicken dinner has never been so cool with the introduction of rotisserie hotspots Clockjack Oven and Chicken Shop. Birds are ethically sourced, slow-marinated, lovingly cooked, and then offered up with your choice of side. And if you want to get down and dirty with chicken at home, don't forget how important the carcass is - the compounds in bones are fantastic for digestive health and collagen is 

great for skin.


Well there you have it. Hopefully you now feel safe in the knowledge that if you are what
you eat this year, you are one super cool and super healthy individual.

For more nutrition articles head over to facebook/pagetandcoles    or keep in touch on twitter @pagetandcoles  


Stay smart, stay healthy!

Tomm Coles is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant at Paget & Coles Ltd., 10 Harley Street,


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