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I try to maintain a selection of 5 or so shirts to wear during the working week. However, as a result of building works being carried out at No. 73 (no, not the 80's TV show but my new home in Totterdown) I found myself without a washing machine and vis-a-vis the ability to launder my shirts conveniently, and upon demand.
So, come Thursday of last week the only shirt remaining was my new plaid check shirt of blue and brown, which I'd worn already: what to do?!
Whilst it took me some time to be convinced of these light weight shirting cloths they really came into their own in this time of need. With hand-washing the only option - which is a much wetter affair than machine washing which offers a spin cycle - I wondered if my shirt would be wearable come the morning. However, given the lightweight nature of these summer plains, they were dry in no time - without the need to hang them near a radiator, which I find renders shirts as stiff as cardboard.
However, my only remaining shirt looks best when worn with my blue flannel suit and did not compliment the suits which I'd yet to wear: a blue pinstripe - which I'd rather hoped would work given the blue cloth and beige shade of the stripe - grey flannel PoW, or my grey two-tone mohair.
The only other alternative was to break-out one of my w'end suits which are both blue suits, but which are both 2pc, and I only ever wear 3pc during the week; my OCD was beginning to spike at this point, but I was also running out of options.
So with only a 2pc mohair lounge suit or a 2pc double breasted cashmere/wool herringbone suit to choose from, the choice was effectively made, given that it's not really the climate for mohair - unless worn as a 3pc - in Bristol at present and I tentatively donned the db...and it felt wonderful!
Though the notion of wearing one of my occasional weekend suits Mon - Fri is an uncomfortable one to say the least, I feel my wardrobe has been liberated in giving my db the chance to shine in front of a wider audience. I also have an increasing number of eccentric and adventurous customers who swear by a db, and I too have begun to feel rather comfortable in this Edwardian cut number.
The maiden voyage also happened to be the the day that I was to meet with Peter Robinson, Publisher of Lansdown Place magazine to fit him for a suit - about which he will be writing of his experience ahead of my taking over the publications style column in the spring - and so, no sooner had I ventured out, but the moment was immortalised with the click of a photographers camera lens!
I hope you like the new style...

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