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Cardiff, and moreover, Wales, has been on my sartorial radar since I moved to Bristol back in January 2010. When we first met, my partner in style, the amazing Saffron Darby, lived and worked in Swansea as senior designer for Toast no less and whilst Saffron has now decamped to Bristol to raise our daughter Grace Blake - whom regular readers will recognise as the purveyor of the 'dribble square' - the Welsh are a very large demographic for Bristol's local tailors. It wasn't 3 months that A Suit That Fits' first studio outside of London had been open before it was evident that I had a lot of sartorially inclined customers coming over the bridge - and paying for the privilege upon their return to the valleys. Outrageous! I thought.
So we opened an A Suit That Fits tailorstop in Cardiff, first in the city centre and now in the historic Cardiff Bay.I think it's safe to say that wedding suits are the main staple of my tailoring here in the Bay and it's refreshing that so many of the grooms really do take an interest in what they wear on the big day.But seldom do I have the opportunity to make a double breasted suit for a wedding, and being a fan of the DB, what a treat it was to fashion one for patron James for his wedding in Siena.
As James prefers a close fitting jib, our TLN cloth was chosen as it has plenty of stretch in it affording the wearer a closer fit but without being restrictive - which is just as well as to show-off a DB suit to full-effect it really must remain fastened at all times; I cannot abide these DB wearers who insist on wearing them unfastened..wear a single breasted jacket man, ye gads!
James wears his lapel long - as does Bristol's local tailor, as it happens - affording the wearer a more svelte silhouette and avoiding the boxy appearance which DB's are oft associated with.
NB for a time, both double breasted and single breasted jackets were cut with a boxy silhouette but whilst the cut of a single breasted jacket has evolved to be more 'waisted' i.e. narrow in the middle, the db has been slow to follow suit, ahem.The pale grey colour of James' suit is a wedding staple, and as it suits more complexions than any other colour it is not surprising. And whilst I've always maintained that a tailor-made garment is a work in progress until such time as the owner wears it for the first time - after pressing, of course - it is then, and only then, that the dream is realised.I think that the photos of our James' suit proves this point unequivocally and so without further ado I'll leave you to enjoy a shining example of how double breasted can be worn, and, in my humble opinion, should be worn and more often!
Congratulations to the very happy couple.. A, B C of Double Breasted

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