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Hi, I'm Emma and I come from a bridal alterations business with a background in fashion design and manufacture. I have a strong knowledge in garment construction and design and from previous industry experience I have quality tailoring and customer service. I believe clothing should bring out your personality with an individual style dedicated to suit you. My creative eye for detail and perfection will help guide you through the design process to create the bespoke suit that you are looking for.

My Customers Say

   I placed an order for two odd waistcoats to wear at work in a casual office. I was somewhat disappointed to see so much reduction in the available fabrics. As an investor, I appreciate that you did this for cost-cutting reasons and to remain competitive; however, there were a number of fabrics that leaped out at me when looking through swatches for my previous suits as being ones that would be ideal for odd waistcoats, and most of these options were no longer available. I originally thought either a (visually) heavier texture or a more subtle pattern would be ideal for the kind of casual-dress environment in which I work. In the end, we picked out the super-120s pure wool blue flannel fabric (9501-3) and the corresponding fabric in grey. For budget reasons I had to downgrade my choice for the grey to J-101B. The J-101B is perfect for the office, and looks a lot better than I thought it would given the very different feel of the swatches. I think perhaps I should have chosen fewer buttons for the blue; it is an excellent garment but looks a little more formal and striking than I'd expected and I may have overshot what is acceptable in my office. Time will tell how well either waistcoat will wear, but I am hopeful, and expect to bring both into my regular rotation. Most of my worries proved to be unfounded. I was a little unsure about the length given that my bespoke suits have a high waistline and it might not work so well with the high-waisted off-the-peg trousers that I often wear to work. However, I needn't have worried; the length is perfect. Unlike off-the-peg waistcoats, they are also wide enough at the shoulders to cover my braces, which is an added relief. I realised there was no mention of back detailing on the website any more, but the back adjusters remain there to visually break up the garment as viewed from the back. Given that I wasn't wearing my waistcoat with a jacket, I had asked if it were possible to have a working waistcoat collar (as per my first order, 51692). Ms McKee said she would ask, and I'm disappointed that this wasn't possible. Mr McGowan was always keen to stress that you were a bespoke tailor and I would have certainly been willing to pay extra to have them made as I wanted them. However, the collars stop at the back of the waistcoats, presumably to accommodate the collar of a jacket that I wouldn't even be wearing with these garments. Wearing the grey waistcoat at work today, I notice that the lapels tend to curve outwards if I slouch in my chair, even with the bottom button undone; I assume that is because of the stiffness of the fabric and I hope it will soften in time. I didn't have this problem with the shorter-lapelled flannel.   


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