Regrettably we have ceased trading. The business (Tailored Franchises Limited) has not taken orders since January 2019. Contact will be made with all customers with outstanding orders in due course. In the meantime, if you have any questions or enquiries please email These will be collected and logged so the appropriate officer of the company can administer them.

More than 50,000 bespoke garments tailored
And here's "How it works":

Create Your Perfect Style

Most of our customers book in locally with an expert style advisor who will guide you through our fabric range to create a unique bespoke style. Creating tailored garments is addictive - you may even go for more than one!

Get Measured

Then we'll take you through your measure-ments. A bespoke suit will require at least 18 measurements. Seeing us is valuable - so if you have a local branch - book in. If you're not local that's fine, and you can do it all online too.


As soon as we have your style and measurements, your order is sent to a masters cutting table. Your expert master will cut your pattern and your garment will be intricately stitched.


We will work with you and make any tweaks and adjustments until you are delighted with your garments. We will then store your adjusted pattern for future orders.

Unexpected Compliments

As soon as you start wearing your new bespoke garment you will be complimented when you least expect it! Here's an example:

I wore the new suit for the first time yesterday at a conference and two vague acquain- tances came up to me and complemented how dapper I was looking. I didn't think guys noticed those sort of things!

All of the above can be done at a local appointment


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a bespoke suit from A Suit That Fits?
Every bespoke garment that we create for you is unique, and is priced accoringly. You can browse past creations in our product galleries.

However, as an indication, our two-piece suit prices start at just £289, with an average two piece suit price of around £500.

The pricing is dependant on the type of fabric that is chosen, as well as the tailoring detail in every garment.

Our expert style advisors can help with the decision making, and ensure that your garment fits your personality, budget, and most importantly - you.

How long does it take to receive my suit?
We have 2 options:

Ready to try on in 8 weeks or
Guaranteed production turn around in 3 weeks - £99 Extra* making it ready to try on in about 4 weeks subject to availability of appointments. 

This charge allows you to push into our queue of orders so that the tailors get to you first. *Included in this will be an extended 6 month window for alterations.

Please bear in mind though that time for alterations are on top of any guaranteed delivery. Alterations take 2-3 weeks. Speedy guaranteed delivery options are available for UK customers only.

Who makes my suit?
A Suit That Fits harnesses the skills of an elite cadre of Nepalese tailors based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have our own fantastic workshop and our tailors are the cream of the Himalayan crop, commanding salaries 50% higher than their peers.

We have been tailoring for a discerning British market since May 2006; the high rates of pay and high standards of our workshops shines through in the quality of the garments we produce. We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments above all else.

In addition to excellent rates of pay for our master cutters, right down to our stitching tailors, we also contribute to a group of schools in Nepal called HVP. HVP takes in orphans and teaches many different subjects to a high standard. A Suit That Fits is proud to support HVP and to be reinvesting back into Nepal. If you would like to know more about the school, please get in touch with the UK-based charity HVP-UK.

Do you provide a fit guarantee?
All customers who are measured in-store receive a fit guarantee and fittings for any tweaks that are required. This, along with the perfection of your online profile is all included in the £25 measurement charge so that the reordering process is easy.

If you have measured yourself online and require a retrospective fit guarantee, this can be purchased for £40.

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