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The Order Process FAQ

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once you have paid for your order; adding your measurements to your order on My Orders and profiles is the last stage of the order process. 

Changing an order
If you want to change your style before submitting your order, this is easy using yoursaved styles in My Orders and profiles to customise and re-save your previous order.

To ensure that we make your garment exactly to your specification, once an order has been submitted, any change (where it is possible) is charged at £20 plus the cost of the style change. There is no refund for downgrading options. 

Cancelling an order
It is possible to cancel your order once it has been submitted where the cutting has not been started. This will carry a £40 cancellation charge. Where cutting has already started 50% of the suit cost plus a £40 cancellation charge will be levied.

Do you provide a fit guarantee?

All customers who are measured in-store receive a fit guarantee and fittings for any tweaks that are required. This, along with the perfection of your online profile is all included in the £25 measurement charge so that the reordering process is easy.

If you have measured yourself online and require a retrospective fit guarantee, this can be purchased for £40.

How do I book a fitting?

You can book all types of individual fitting here.

Please click here if a group or on-site company fitting day would be more convenient (4 people or more please).

How does it all work?

In Studio

If you want a professional style consultation and have your measurements taken by the team, you can book an appointment in one of our 33 locations nationwide and we will do that at a cost of £25. The measurements charge includes the style consultation and our 'Fit Guarantee'- meaning that the perfection of your online profile and any alternations you would like once the suit is ready to try on, will be provided at no cost until you have a suit that's perfect for you.


Our style advisor are also available for only complimentary style consultations.


Do it yourself

To order entirely online, you can use our Measurement Wizard  to measure yourself and our Style Wizard to create your garment.

Not sure about which fabric to choose? We will send fabric swatches  to your house.


Call Out

Live in London but can't make it to one of our studios? Have a tailor come to you

The £50 charge comes with a free fit guarantee so you know that your suit will look great on you.

This service is only available within the M25.

How long does it take to receive my suit?

We have 2 options:

Ready to try on in 8 weeks or
Guaranteed production turn around in 3 weeks - £99 Extra* making it ready to try on in about 4 weeks subject to availability of appointments. 

This charge allows you to push into our queue of orders so that the tailors get to you first. *Included in this will be an extended 6 month window for alterations.

Please bear in mind though that time for alterations are on top of any guaranteed delivery. Alterations take 2-3 weeks. Speedy guaranteed delivery options are available for UK customers only.

What are the different types of appointment?

There are 3 different types of appointment

1. Collection and Fitting: If you are collecting a suit then please let us know so that we can ensure a tailor will be available to fit you.

Please note that our Collection and Fitting appointments are 15 minutes long; please try to arrive five minutes before your appointment so that we can ensure it runs on time for you. We look forward to introducing you to your new suit very soon!

2. Initial Measuring - If you would like to come in and check out what we can do, we hold around 30 suits in our branches that you can browse. We prefer you to book an appointment so that we can ensure someone will be able to answer your questions. You can also come and get measured up by our staff in our branch, this service costs £25 but that also includes your fit guarantee.

3. A free personal appointment: This is an appointment primarily to discuss your style needs. This type of appointment is very popular for wedding parties co-ordinating their look before taking the plunge. You can also be measured if you choose, time permitting.

Click here to book an appointment

What happens if I give the wrong measurements?

91% of our online customers are delighted with their suit at the first attempt. Following our easy-to-use guide will result in a perfectly fitting suit.

Once you have submitted your order to our tailors, your order is personally checked by your tailor, and if a particular measurement seems unusual, we check it with you before continuing your order.

Even if a faulty measurement slips through the net, all is not lost. There is a retrospective £40 fit guarantee charge, which includes alterations and the perfection of your online profile. We deal with each suit individually so please give us a ring or send us an email to explain the situation. A Suit That exists for suit lovers everywhere, and we will work extremely hard to make sure you're delighted.

What if I need alterations to my suit?

We are extremely proud of our high level of tailoring accuracy, but we are happy to tweak your suit and your profile for future orders to perfection.

In order to tweak a suit effectively, our tailors should see you wearing the garment in order to identify the problem. Alterations usually take around two weeks to complete.

If you were measured by one of our Style Advisors, then a fit guarantee was included in the £25 measurement charge, any alterations needed are at no extra cost. Your measurement profile will also be duly altered to ensure the fit that you like for next time.

If you measured yourself, we can alter your suit but this will be subject to a £40 retrospective fit guarantee charge. With this, we will alter your suit to your satisfaction, and we’ll also modify your measurement profile to ensure a perfect fit next time. We deal with each suit individually so please give us a ring or drop us an email to explain the situation. A Suit That exists for suit lovers everywhere, and we will work extremely hard to find a satisfactory solution.

When do I pay?

You pay for your suit when you place your order. Please note that, even if you have paid in full, your order will not be processed unless you have also completed a full set of measurements.

When do I prepare to receive my suit?

You will be notified by email at the time of dispatch that your suit has been shipped, but if for any reason the journey from A Suit That HQ in London to your home is taking longer than expected, then our team will be on hand to assist you in tracking its exact whereabouts. We use the DPD domestic and international network for all our shipping.

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