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Our Suits & Shirts FAQ
This section aims to answer all of your queries about our garments. If there is something you don't see here, then just email us at

Can I give you my own materials?

Of course! In our experience, there are always some tastes that can’t be satisfied with our range of cloths.

Firstly, provide us with your measurements so we can advise you on the length of material required, as a general guide to an average height and build, count on using

2 piece: 3.5m
3 piece: 4.5m
2 piece extra trousers: 5m

An order using your own material starts at £499, which covers both the stitching and the administration required in getting the material to our tailors. Before you buy anything, get in touch to find out how many metres to buy and how to log the order correctly.

Can you offer advice on the best suit for me?

Yes we offer advice both on and off-line.

When you come in for a fitting, we are happy to give you style advice on what will work best for you, in fact it is part of the measuring process. Some styles suit some shapes better than others, and if you need advice we are happy to offer it. Our only concern is that you have a suit that flatters you.

If you are measuring yourself, there is information about each different option if you hover your mouse above the info icon below the picture you are looking at.

Do you make dinner suits?

Yes we do. It is available from £369 in the Dinner range.

Do you make women's suits?

Ladies can book in to any one of our Tailor Stops or Branches, please click here to book a fitting

Our ladies range can be found here .

How Do I Care For My Suit

We know that the most rewarding thing about owning a hand-tailored suit or shirt is the personal relationship you have with it. It is natural that in return for the pleasure of wearing it, your suit or shirt requires TLC. 

TLC for your suit 

In our suit wearing we have picked up a few tips to keep your suit at its best for longer. We recommend that you hang your suit on a specialised hanger, limit the number of heavy items you put in its pockets and, when moving, store it in a ventilated bag. If you think your suit deserves that extra level of care (and believe us, it does!) smooth it with a suit-brush and occasionally dry-clean. 

Your suit is a thing of elegance, but that doesn't mean it dislikes fun and can be at risk from spillage and staining. If the stain is small, you can have it removed by a dry cleaner. Don't dry-clean the whole thing - if you had a speck of dirt on your knee, you wouldn't take a shower to remove it, would you? Simply ask for a spot-removal.  

In fact, we suggest you dry clean your suit only when absolutely necessary (though we wouldn't, of course, suggest the same of you). For the daring, use a damp sponge - your suit will enjoy being pampered. If your suit has become creased, don't worry (creasing, after all, is a sign you're both having fun), simply take it to the dry-cleaners just for pressing and they will return it to you as smooth as if it were new. Alternatively, place a damp towel over your suit and press it with an iron until it's flat. You can also give your suit a Turkish bath either by hanging it in a steamed bathroom and leaving it to dry overnight or by investing in a steamer to achieve a miraculous wrinkle-free look in the comfort of your own home. The more you invest in it, the better it will look on you. 

TLC for your shirt 


Just like your suit, you’re shirt is also a thing of elegance that requires regular TLC.  We recommend that you machine wash your shirt in 40 degrees centigrade with like colours. Be sure not to soak your shirt overnight because too much water can weaken your shirt’s fibres. Do not tumble dry your shirt; instead let it hang dry on a thick hanger. Alternatively you can hand wash your shirt and let it dry flat or on a hanger. Avoid hanging your shirt on a wire hanger to protect your shirt’s shape.  


When in doubt, just follow the symbols on your shirt’s washing label:


Wash your shirt at 40 degrees centigrade

Wash in 40 degrees centigrade


Do not tumble dry

Do not tumble dry



How is my suit made?

As soon as we know your measurements, and you’ve chosen the cloth, lining and style of your suit, we send the details of your order to our tailors in Nepal.

Your suit is then made assigned to your master cutter. Every master has at least 30 years of tailoring experience, having been through the apprenticeship scheme that has operated in Nepal for generations. The suit is cut according to your exact specifications, and then passed to your tailor for stitching and hand finishing.

Your suit is then passed to our head office in Kathmandu, where our team checks that the measurements and the styles have been correctly followed, and then it is packaged and shipped to England.

Once we’ve received your suit in the UK, we either let you know that it’s ready for collection, or have it delivered to your door, whatever you chose when you first ordered.

We always like to see you in the suit, so if you don't collect it in person, do send us photos of how it looks, and please also send us your feedback. Feedback via My Orders & Profiles will be seen by both the team in the UK, and your personal tailor. So please do let us know what you think and how we can improve, it is very important to us and the tailors, you comments really do make a difference.

How much is a bespoke suit from A Suit That Fits?

Every bespoke garment that we create for you is unique, and is priced accoringly. You can browse past creations in our product galleries.

However, as an indication, our two-piece suit prices start at just £289, with an average two piece suit price of around £500.

The pricing is dependant on the type of fabric that is chosen, as well as the tailoring detail in every garment.

Our expert style advisors can help with the decision making, and ensure that your garment fits your personality, budget, and most importantly - you.

If I’m tall will I have to pay extra?

No. Tailored suits are designed to fit individual body-shapes rather than “regular” sizes, and exactly the same level of care goes into every suit whether big or small. A Suit That Fits was set up to allow everyone to benefit from hand-tailoring, why not have a go at designing your own suit?

What does Relaxed, Slim and Super-Slim Fit mean?

These are simply descriptions of how close-fitting your suit will be.

If you are fond of a little comfort in your suit, then the relaxed fit is for you; alternatively, the slim fit provides a neat tapered look to the jacket. In general, the relaxed or slim fit is what most people are used to. Super-slim fit, however, can take some getting used to, but is extremely flattering on some body-shapes.

What is the difference between the ranges?

The ranges available are as follows:

Customisation Professional Distinguished Dinner Suit
Easycare Materials Not Available Not Available Not Available
Plain Wool Materials Available Available Available
Pinstripe Materials Not Available Available Not Available
Thick Wool Materials Not Available Available Not Available
Own Material Not Available Available Not Available
Bright Materials Not Available Available Not Available
Single Breast Available Available Available
Double Breasts Not Available Available Not Available
Ticket Pockets Not Available Available Available
Working Cuff Buttons Not Available Available Available
Single Breasted Waistcoats Available Available Available
Double Breasted Waistcoats Not Available Available Not Available
Satin Seams Not Available Not Available Available
Satin Colors Not Available Not Available Available
Dinner Finishing Not Available Not Available Available
Brace Buttons Not Available Available Available

What shall I do now I have received my suit?

We steam, package and transport each suit in a way which keeps it as a crease free as possible. Each suit is sent in a suit box of our own design, made especially to maintain the shape of the garment even in the post.

If the unpacked suit still has some creases, we recommend hanging it in a steamy room overnight. If you do not have a suitable room, you can take it to your local dry cleaners. Steaming is a quick and inexpensive process; a full dry-clean is not required.

You are also welcome to bring it to one of our branches, where we will do it for you free of charge.

What's the most popular style?

At the moment, 1 and 2 button single breasted suits are our most popular style. This is usually accompanied by a vibrant contrasting lining (such as red or green) that reflects the customer’s individuality.

Who makes my suit?

A Suit That Fits harnesses the skills of an elite cadre of Nepalese tailors based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have our own fantastic workshop and our tailors are the cream of the Himalayan crop, commanding salaries 50% higher than their peers.

We have been tailoring for a discerning British market since May 2006; the high rates of pay and high standards of our workshops shines through in the quality of the garments we produce. We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments above all else.

In addition to excellent rates of pay for our master cutters, right down to our stitching tailors, we also contribute to a group of schools in Nepal called HVP. HVP takes in orphans and teaches many different subjects to a high standard. A Suit That Fits is proud to support HVP and to be reinvesting back into Nepal. If you would like to know more about the school, please get in touch with the UK-based charity HVP-UK.