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Step one

Create your personal style using our wide range of fabrics and garments.


Use our style wizard to create garments that are exactly how you want them.

Advantage: if you know what you need then this option can save time.

In our studios

Take advantage of our expert style advisors who will help you create your perfect style. Get advice from our style advisors.

Advantage: Our style advisors have plenty of experience in helping select a style that is perfect for you!

Step two

Get measured to ensure your garments are the perfect fit.


Use our measurement wizard to create your measurement profile.

Advantage: if you live in an uncatered for location, you can measure yourself at home.

In our studios

Our style advisors are highly qualified in taking measurements and can guarantee perfectly fitted garments. Get expertly measured.

Advantage: using our style advisors you will get a fit guarantee so we'll make all the adjustments necessary to get that perfect fit.

Step three

Once your garment is ready we can deliver it to you or you can come to our branch and get it fitted.


Get it sent straight to your door for immediate use.

Advantage: if you're not able to get to a branch then this is a good option.

In our studios

Come in to our studio where you can try on the garment and ensure it fits you perfectly. Book in for a collection & fitting.

Advantage: our style advisors will make sure your garment fits you perfectly and our professional tailors can make alterations if any are needed.

Create your suit onlineBook an appointment