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The Two Tone Suit 
A mod two tone mohair suit is a super-sharp cult classic!
Synonimous with the mod look of the 60's, the two tone (so called because of the two different tones of the cloth colour) mohair suit is a super-sharp cult classic!
Made of goats wool, instead of lambs wool, the inherent rigidity ofthe cloth enables it to hold its shape and hang beautifully straight,as would usually be the reserve of a heavier weight cloth.

Not only do two tone suits look sharp, they are also incredibly lightweight and easy towear. The open mesh-style weave of the fabric enable it to breathe,making mohair suits the smash of the summer!

Still oftenreferred to as a 'Tonik' suit, which was the registered trademark oftextile manufacturer Dormeuil's mohair range of the 60's, the two tone suit really sets the tone!'

Suit Attributes

  • Type: 3-piece Suit
  • Cloth / Lining: VBC-122A / D53,Royal
  • Jacket Fastening / Pockets / Ticket Pockets: Single Breasted 2 Button / Slanted-Flapped Pockets / No Ticket Pockets
  • Collar / Vents: Notched Collar / Double Vents
  • Cuff Type / Cuff Buttons: Working Buttons / 4 Buttons
  • Trouser Side Pockets / Back Pockets / Flaps: Cross Pockets / Right Back Pocket / No Flaps
  • Trouser Pleats / Hems: No Pleats / Flat Hems
  • Belt Loops / Brace Buttons: No Loops with Adj. / No Brace Buttons