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Corporate Responsibility

Mission Statement

We believe in building long-term relationships through responsible business - achieving commercial success while incorporating ethical values and respect for people, communities and the environment.


Working Conditions and Labour Standards


A Suit That Fits suits are tailored and made in family-run workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal. As soon as you have been measured and you have chosen the right cloth, lining and style of your suit, your order is automatically sent to our elite group of Nepalese tailors using the latest computerised systems.

Responsibility for your suit is then assigned to one of our tailoring teams. The suit is cut according to your exact specifications by a master cutter and then passed to the tailor for stitching and hand-finishing. Once finished, your suit is then quality-checked for measurements and style by the support team in the Kathmandu head office before it is carefully packaged for shipping to your local country office.

All the tailors employed by A Suit That Fits, from our cutters to our stitchers, command salaries that are 50% above the national average and receive work-related bonuses. They also work reasonable hours and reserve all Nepali holidays. This ensures that every suit produced by A Suit That Fits meets quality standards. By paying competitive salaries and providing excellent working conditions, we attract and retain the very best talent in the region. Our master cutters each have over 30 years of experience, and all of our stitchers have over 4 years of experience.



Supporting Traditional Skills

We recognise that around the globe there are amazing artisans who are highly skilled in traditional crafts. Our intention is to value, foster and encourage the traditional skills of Nepali tailors, which have been passed down over generations, so that they may be enhanced and maintained for future generations.

All A Suit That Fits master tailors have been through the apprenticeship scheme that has operated in Nepal for hundreds of years. Using this wealth of talent, A Suit That Fits is simultaneously building its own apprenticeship scheme, thereby investing in the future of the Nepali tailoring industry. By applying the traditional skills to produce modern cuts and designs, A Suit That Fits is ensuring that these exceptional skills live on into the future, while giving our hand-tailored suits a unique and rare build quality.



Investing in the Community


A Suit That Fits reinvests money back into the communities in which it operates. We donate 5% of stitching costs in Nepal to the local Hindu Vidyapeeth (HVP) school where one of our founders, Warren Bennett, was volunteering when he met our first family of tailors. Both Warren and David are passionate about the work of HVP and are excited about the positive impact that the donation pledge will have.

The HVP schools in Nepal are charitably run institutions and operate on a non-profit basis. HVP is truly inclusive, embracing children of all backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of Nepal's different ethnic groups, castes and faiths. Sponsorship is provided to poor and needy students. Many of these students are orphaned children or those from excluded communities.

If you would like to find out more about the school, please get in touch with the UK-based charity

The first project funded by A Suit That Fits was to create a new science block for our local HVP in Kathmandu.


Working in the UK

A great suit can open the door to a fantastic job. At A Suit That Fits we like to give homeless people a helping hand in finding their first job. Therefore, we donate our sample suits to homeless charities in order that they have a suit to wear to interviews. We work closely with Broadway and Crisis - charities that support homeless people across London.

We've donated some great sample suits. These will be used as part of the 'opportunities fairs' organised by Crisis and Broadway employment services.

The aims of the opportunities fairs are to give them the confidence to find a better way of life. At the fairs, guests can talk through their barriers in order to better find a job.

A Suit That Fits donates to the charity Crisis

The A Suit That Fits team will be giving suiting advice at the opportunities fairs and kitting attendees out with some very stylish sample suits! Guests can then wear the suits for interviews and, afterwards, in their new job.