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Linen of course during our hot and humid unprecedented English summer.

With the launch of our new Irish studio well under way, the question that faces a bespoke senior stylists is what to wear? During those weekly commutes.

Well I have opted for a couple of very nice sporting Jackets. My first one a green linen giving a semi formal look with a few adhoc options added of course, white buttons and brown suede elbow patches to ones sleeves.

If you do see me at the airport wearing such a Jacket, please do say hi and I will of course offer you a complementary visit to our new Dublin studio, we can of course create a one of garment just for you to!

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Linen 18B, a green colour Linen, fitting with ones environment across the Irish channel. With noticeable differences to the normal run of the mill offered on the high street, firstly its fitting it should complement the body and its wearer. Then on closer inspection you notice the personal touches the contrast piping in lime green in the inner and the outer white buttons added to the cuff and jacket front, my personal style requirements teamed up with the trend setting elbow patches.