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Velvet Glove
A slim fit, maroon velvet dinner jacket with matching waistcoat and contrasting black wool blend trousers, and complimenting pink satin lining. Dinner jacket cut with a shawl collar, slanted flapped pockets and a single vent. The trousers taper at the foot, with cross front pockets, single right back pocket and hip adjusters. The waistcoat is low cut with 4 buttons incorporating a notched base and 2 pockets. I read in Monocle magazine over Christmas that velvet is making a comeback - though be warned, it is not for the faint hearted - but our Steven was one step ahead of the pack and had his suit designed for his wedding in the Summer of last year!

It was a bold choice, but one that has paid off as Steve looks fantastic in his burgundy velvet dinner jacket and waistcoat, with contrast black satin shawl collar and black trousers - not be be upstaged, naturally, his betrothed looks amazing in her gown, perfectly complimenting one another.

I'm sure that Steven will be leading the charge as we receive more orders for velvet but be sure to follow Steven's example and be sure that your velvet ensemble fits like a glove: the key to ensuring you pull this season look off with style and panache!