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Tarquin and his morning coat
A slim fit, RTallwool-1000215-4, black herringbone pattern, pure lightweight wool idea for warmer months, with gunmetal grey lining. This is a two button morning coat with peak lapels and a single vent. The jacket has straight flapped pockets with three buttons on the cuff. The trousers are made from HB-2, a grey, blended wool herringbone perfect for all season. They are a straight leg cut with no pleats, cross pockets, a right back pocket and belt loops. The waistcoat is made from RTallwool-100213-1, self lining on grey, a pure lightweight wool. It has five buttons, a notched base, two pockets and is lined with the same gunmetal grey as the jacket. Tarquin Adams is a regular with A Suit That Fits but when he came to see us this time he was looking for something very particular, a morning coat. It was predominantly for a friends wedding but after seeing Tarquin in it I feel he will be wearing it when ever the opportunity arises.

He chose to go with separates instead of one4 whole suit. By doing so it has given him a lot more creative control. He has mixed two different greys with a black herringbone to give a really good contrast but keeping the same lining on all garments to maintain continuity. Another plus side of creating separate garments is that your whole outfit then become more versatile and can be mixed and matched with other items.

The overall effect is of a very dapper gent, very on trend with his morning coat and contrasting trousers and waistcoat.