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Bought to compliment this gents fine selection of suits from A Suit That Fits, Douglas wanted an Overcoat that was both Functional and Stylish. A man who enjoys an ultra slim style, the Overcoat was no exception. Impeccably tailored at the waist, ensuring a closeness that will only add the the snug, warm feeling of wearing this coat during the harsh Scottish winter. Made from OVC-13 Navy Blue fabric, This overcoat is cut from our Heaviest range of coating fabrics. 100% wool with a nice soft finish, the cloth weight of 630g ensures a fantastic drape over the body. Where others would appear softer and lore flacid, the OVC retains its rigidity, making it a fantastic choice for the morning walk to the office. Protector of the suit underneath, and insulator of the body on a brisk winter morning.