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A study in velvet..
A velvet Nehru style jacket without vent and with straight flap-less pockets.
Trousers are simply styled boot-cut with cross pockets and no back pocket with 6 belt loops. The maroon velvet is contrasted with a bright red lining. Max is one flamboyant gentleman, having to ware dull and plain clothing in his work, he just loves to splash out with colour in the evenings and weekends. So for a special occasion what else could he do but put together his colourful study in contrasts.

The shirt is a yellow silk and the shoes a two tone wine.

This was Max's first outing with ASuitThatFits and besides a slight adjustment to the trousers the fit was perfect first time, adding to his delight of owing his velvet creation.

Good luck to you Sir and may your experiences wearing your suit be as colourful as you will be.