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Shimmering DJ
When Afzal came in asking for; 'a really cool casual jacket with a DJ feel. But really...special.' I admit I was initially a bit stuck but after we talked about it in a little more detail I pulled out our silk/wool blend pick-n-pick which has an almost fish scale like quality to it. We chose to partner it with a plain black silk/wool blend in lieu of satin detailing as the satin would have been too much for the look to remain balanced.

Afzal popped it on after being made and the grin that split his face was priceless! Understated from a distance and almost glittering up close, a perfect fun combination. Definitely a perfect match. Retaining the clean form of the classic DJ, this casual jacket has been brought right up to date with a shimmering Silk/Wool blend with a light grey picked out on a black back ground. Pure black sections add balance and definition to this funky number.

Pair it with black trousers for a formal evening look or a pair of jeans for a super cool casual outfit.

Would also work nicely in a blue with the Ptd-9101-4.