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Midnight Sheek
A Sheek, midnight inspired, interpretation of the "Dinner Suit". A plain texture Wool & Silk Blend with a natural lustre ideal for any events and Spring/Summer. All stops were pulled on this Midnight navy 2 piece with satin seams on the trousers and a satin edge, bordering the luxurious velvet half width lapel.

This was a suit designed for a grand wedding. The groom, Shirav came to my studio, idea in mind, with which he wanted to look classic but with a unique twist. The "AE106 Dark Purple" Lining complimented this suit which was all about colour play. To match the purple lining Shirav chose the option to go for a matching pocket square which created an amazing contrast between the black bow tie and purple cuff links he wore on his grand day.

Designed at the pinnacle of the Citi Group Building, 33rd floor ASTF Studios it was the view and colours of the evening settling over London that evening. Midnight sheek was brewed. When theres a dinner events going on in Canary Wharf and Shirav Pulls out this masterpiece watch out, because you going to need a swagger upgrade.
What Shirav had to say :

Shirav Patel
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19/09/2011 22:30:02

Feedback From: Shirav Patel


Score: 10/10

Comment: Fantastic service and an excellent end product. Amarieze really went the
extra mile to ensure the details on the suit were delivered as instructed and on
time. This was a complicated piece given the unique design and Amarieze did a great
job managing the people who made the suit in Nepal and keeping me up to date with the
status of the order.

Feedback From: Shirav Patel

Score: 10/10

Comment: Fantastic service and end product. Amarieze did a great job in managing the
team in Nepal and ensuring I was up to speed with the status of the order. The suit
itself was a unique design with some pretty specific parts to it and Amarieze again
ensured these were communicated clearly and the final suit was exactly as envisaged
when the order was made.