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Wedding suitsWedding suits for the perfect winter wedding
Mens SuitsMens Suits in your favourite fabric
Bespoke Suits!Bespoke Suits! Packages - Get more than one!
Tailored overcoatsTailored overcoats for a distinguished winter look!
Classy First Timer.
Very classy 3 piece Wool and Silk suit. Perfect for occasional wear such as weddings and social gatherings. Versatility is the key here allowing the wearer more choice. Thanks to the waistcoat, it can be worn as a full 3-piece, a 2-piece or Waistcoat and Trousers for that less formal look. This is a fantastic 3-piece suit. Fabric consists of 20% Silk and 80% Wool giving a nice soft feel and a lightweight garment. The addition of the waistcoat allows it to be worn further into the year, when normally it would retire to the wardrobe for a few months.
Notch collar lapels on a 3 button jacket with Slanted Flapped pockets accentuate the wearers height and slim waistline. Purchased with a 5 Button Notched Base waistcoat, this suit is the perfect occasional wear item.