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Wedding suitsWedding suits for the perfect winter wedding
Mens SuitsMens Suits in your favourite fabric
Bespoke Suits!Bespoke Suits! Packages - Get more than one!
Tailored overcoatsTailored overcoats for a distinguished winter look!
Smart/Casual linen suit..
A medium weight linen cloth of dark blue/indigo suitable for UK summer and warmer climates, the light blue lining making a subtle contrast to the darker outer cloth.
The stylish 2 button jacket with standard with lapels and slanting flapped side pockets with double vents is one of our more popular styles for lounge suits, and fits the majority of our clients.
The boot cut slim trousers, with cross pockets and a right hip pocket were Craig's favourite and the flat fronts and belt loops just what he wanted.

He even decided to take a bespoke shirt at the same time. This was Craig's first visit to us and he was looking for something a little different from his usual work suits, but still with that timeless elegance that you find in a well tailored suit. So popping in to his local ASuitThatFits studio which was just around the coroner from both his work and home he visited our Reading branch.
After listing to Craig's ideas and requirements he browsed the cloth selection with the guiding hand and eye of the resident style adviser. Cloth chosen it was on to the style and then measurements, with a swatch of the two cloths suiting and lining ordered for Craig to have at home, he left to look forward to the call for his fitting.
At the time the call came saying that Craig's suit was ready for him he was now working in a different office and had his suit delivered to Oxford as he could pick it up there on a Saturday.
Lo he was surprised to find the same adviser there who measured him to guide him through the fitting stage as well, (this will not necessarily happen but this was during the summer and we do cover each others studios were we can0.
The fit was perfect and from the photos here I think you can see that Craig is happy and pleased with his purchase from asuitthatfits.

All in all he confided in me that his experience with us was pleasurable and even that the suit arrived ahead of time which meant that along with the perfect fit first time he was rearing to get to wear it at the first chance.
A new convert to asuitthatfits and bespoke tailoring.