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Business Suit and casual shirt...
A blue on navy strip blended wool fabric suited for all year round wear, with moderate durability. This subtle striped is paired with a modest self-stripe navy lining. The simply classical styling is created by a slim fitting jacket, with slanting flapped side pockets and double vents giving the jacket a shaped outline but allowing a comfortable fit for the wearer.
The trousers likewise are an example of classical tailoring with a slightly tapered line from thigh to cuff. The cross pockets allowing the wear ease of entry to whatever he has inside. This was Chris' first adventure in to 'bespoke' suits and although he knew what he wanted he was unsure of the whole process to begin with. But here at 'ASuitThatFits' we take time to explain to you in general terms the out and what happens after your measurements are taken and this assured Chris of our skill and dedication to sartorial elegance.
So 8 weeks after the initial measuring and placing of the order Chris received a e-mail asking him to make a fittings appointment, as his shirt and suit were now ready for collection.
The blue and white checked shirt was an afterthought for casual wear during the cooler summer nights.
Who was happier I have no idea as when Chris tried both garments on they fitted perfectly and he took them away with smiling..and with assurances of not only coming back again but also of extolling the name of 'ASuitThatFits' to his co-workers...
A convert to our tailoring.