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The Bold Choice
Chris was a first time customer of A Suit That Fits. He came to us with his beloved branded jacket, which he loved the style of. He set me the challenge of replicating the fit in a good quality Navy Blue cloth. WR-C seemed the perfect choice, and with Chris' approval, i set about his frame with my measuring tape.

We were very close to having the fit perfect first time. I felt the jacket could use a little nip in at the waist, so off it goes to Tailoring for a little tweak. I could not be happier with the fit of this suit on a first fitting. Just goes to show how much easier the process is of you do bring us a jacket you love. Perfect for work and play, The WR-C is a versatile fabric. Very resilient and with a substantial feel, the cloth drapes well over the body to give that sharp look every time. Paraquette is a stunning choice of lining and is proving very popular as people look to flash some colour on the inside of the jacket.

Classic 3 button style, with an unusual 5 button working cuff gives this suit the look of bespoke, instead of the usual 4 button cuffs you would find 'off the peg'. Also, the fact that the trousers do not have any belt loops adds to the bespoke element. After all, Bespoke is made to your measurements, thus eradicating the need for a belt and elongating your frame into the bargain.