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The 'Aubergine' Suit
A real eye catcher this one, definitely a suit for those who like to stand out!

Mark came in wanting three things; to colour match for his wedding, make a statement and 'not look silly'. And he certainly got it;

The richness of the Maroon Sharkskin fabric is carefully balanced with the freshness of the green. The general style of the suit is understated with the slim lapel giving a modern twist. This classic styling lets the colour do the talking so we don't end up with both elements fighting for attention. Little flashes of colour at the button holes link inside with out side creating further colour harmony. Here Mark has finished it with a bright tie to match the lining and of course his lovely bride on one arm.

Since the big day the suit has had a few extra outings and I have it on good authority that it looks great with a particularly loud Hawaiian shirt.