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Sky blue Wedding in Rhodes
A light weight linen suit for summer use, the light blue of the suit itself being off set but the bright quartz lining that Leon picked for this his wedding suit.
Keeping the style simple was the essence pure easy lines that complimented Leon's own relaxed style. The no vent jacket cutting a close but easy outline. The slanting pocket flaps drawing the eye to the waist.
The trousers are again classic in style with cross pockets, one hip pocket, and belt loops.
All-in-all simple elegance and sartorial understatement that shows understanding. Leon came to us aSuitThatFits on the recommendation from work. A keen student of fashion he knew what he wanted style wise from the start but was interested in what I would make of his choice of colour.
Playing a rather cheeky game he explained where, why, and when, and what the suit was for and let me pick some colours that I thought was suitable, talk about putting one on the spot!!
I can't say how was the more surprised when my third choice of cloth and colour coincided with the jacket that Leon had brought with him as a guide to what he wanted.
A light blue linen.
Well from that time all was set and we had a great time styling the suit and getting Leon measured.
The strong colour being chosen as the ceremony being held on the Greek Island of Rhodes, the island renowned for its white wall and windmills brilliant blue skies and hot sunny days.
No doubt you can tell from the photos that Leon is very pleased with his suit and is now newly converted to aSuitThatFits wanting to try our shirts next after the honeymoon.