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Very happy with the end product
Very happy with the end product. After a mix up with my initial fitting, Daniel got Nick involved who has been great. If I had Nick from the start it probably would had been a 10/10.

Richard Broer

March 2017
Overall, I\'m extremely happy with the shirt and if my budget allowed it I would buy all my may-to-d
Score: 9 Comment: I was surprised to be offered this shirt. After receiving an investor email saying that the first 50 replies would get a no-strings-attached shirt, I replied a few days later, expecting to have missed out, only to be asked to \'phone in to discuss the shirt design.

I was expecting some kind of marketing query at every turn, but this never happened; just this usual feedback request.

Fit: Absolutely perfect, which I was not expecting. This is the first shirt ASTF has made to Mr McGowan\'s measurements and I assumed it would need some adjustments to it, but it is absolutely spot-on. The main problem I have with most shirts is shirt cuffs riding up when I move my arms, but I barely get that with this shirt, possibly because of the good fit in the shoulders and armscythe.

Collar: The collar feels like a standard \"smart\" stiffness and the supplied plastic stays are basically so flimsy as to do nothing (which is a problem I\'ve had so often than I now own metal stays). As I can\'t wear a tie for work, I went for a narrow-spread collar which looks good either with a tie or open (on my narrow face shape), and you did not disappoint. If I was commissioning a shirtmaker I\'d want much stiffer interfacing, but for the price you are charging this works well.

Cuffs: On the \'phone, I had asked if you had any single cuffs that closed with cufflinks. I was told that you didn\'t so I\'d have to settle for double cuffs. I went for the M1 with the rounded corner. I\'ve had a number of MTM shirts from different makers and this is the best cuff I\'ve seen for stiffness, although they are slightly oversized. I\'m surprised twice by this; firstly that you didn\'t have non-barrel single-cuffs (how ever would you make a shirt for white tie?), and secondly that you didn\'t offer it as a bespoke detail (I\'m hoping that was because this was an offer shirt?). The M1 is very subtly rounded, which I think will work perfectly for maximising the life of the cuffs while also looking \"right\".

Shirting: The fabric is obviously a high-quality cotton weave. What a pity there is no more information about it anywhere. It\'s slightly transparent, which in this case I think is more of an indication of quality of the weave than cheapness of material. There\'s a tiny bit of bunching under the armpits and the sleeves crumple just from the movement in doing up the cufflinks, so this isn\'t a shirt to wear without a jacket.

Buttons: A very dramatic depth; if these were nacre they would be utterly stunning. Sadly they are only resin (and you don\'t seem to even have a nacre option), but still high quality and - unlike your suit buttons - seem to be well sewn on. Time will tell.

I\'ve only reduced the rating to 9 because of the lack of detailed information on the weave of shirtings and lack of bespoke options, particularly for collar and cuffs. Overall, I\'m extremely happy with the shirt and if my budget allowed it I would buy all my may-to-day shirts from you.


February 2017
Very happy with my new suit.
Very happy with my new suit.

Austin Simmonds

February 2017
Emma Mckee was very helpful and supportive
My experience getting my first tailored suit from \"A Suit That Fits\" was great. I was looking for a company that made affordable, quality, and well tailored suits since I could never buy off-the-rack ones due to my size. Mind you, affordability was important to me since I am a current postgrad in transition to going back to the work market and needed a suit for future interviews and conferences. After searching and reading reviews of various companies in Edinburgh, \"ASTF\" met what I was looking for. It also helped at the time, they had offers for new customers.

Emma, the staff that helped me in the Edinburgh office was very helpful and supportive during the process. She got my measurements and help me pick out the material, style, colour, etc. of the suit and stayed within my budget. The suit took several weeks to be completed, but I was given a chance to get alterations until I was happy with the fit. The entire process took about 6-8 weeks.

Overall, the company is great if you\'re looking for a a tailored suit that is tailored to your budget. There are many choices of materials, styles, and details. The staff are great and supportive throughout the process and make sure you are happy with everything. There are also many offers throughout the year. I was definitely won over and I\'ll be coming back when I need to buy additional suits, jackets, or other clothes I want tailored to my body type.


February 2017
I will not hesitate to call upon their services again in the future.
I am very pleased with the service and professionalism provided by ASTF. My first bespoke suit is definitely one of my better spends in recent years and is worth every single penny!

I will not hesitate to call upon their services again in the future.


February 2017

John Rosling

February 2017
They have great customer service
They have great customer service


January 2017
Emma was extremely helpful!
This was my first tailored experience and I can't imagine how it could have been better! Emma was extremely helpful and went out of her way to make sure I received my suit early. The suit itself was fantastic and fit perfectly! I'm looking forward to my next!


January 2017
I would definitely recommend A Suit That Fits and Emma in particular to any other prospective buyer!
My tailor Emma McKee from Glasgow was friendly, helpful and professional from the start. At the initial consultation she sat down and listened to exactly what I was looking for and offered lots of suggestions from her experience which helped me make my final decision on fabric, colour, lining etc.
It took just 1 alteration to the size after the initial fitting (normally it can take around 4 alterations which are all free) before I had my suit to take home. I would definitely recommend A Suit That Fits and Emma in particular to any other prospective buyer!


January 2017
Emma's experience resulted in a gorgeous long overcoat
First time I have had anything made from scratch and tailored before and was in need of a new overcoat. I contacted A Suit That Fits and was directed to Emma Mckee from glasgow, with her warming scottish accent and proffesional demeanour a rapport was built instantly and was taken with ease through the rigorous process of crafting what i can only say is a work of genius. Emma's experience resulted in a gorgeous long overcoat that fits exactly what I wanted and has the feel of comfort and professionalism each time I put it on. Recommend A Suit That Fits and definitely working alongside Emma Mckee and you will be guranteed 200% craftmanship.


January 2017
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