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First Class

Hi Would just like to say that I am very pleased indeed with the suit that you had made for me.

The service was first class and the suit is impeccable. Many thanks once again.


- Stuart Philip

No Different To Savile Row?

Absolutely excellent.

I have some friends who also have and made suits from savil row and no diferent found by them. Fits perfectly, looks gorgeous and feels amazing.

Definitely work the small cost for a massive confidence boost. You feel a thousand dollars for paying a few pounds.


- Patrick Young

So Carefully Made.

Thank you for sending my new suit.

It's beautiful!
I tried it on as soon as I got home and I look like a different person. I've never owned any item of clothing so fit so well and looked so stylish. So carefully made. My housemate is about to order one, as is his dad. Once again, thank you very much. Next thing for me to get will be a matching waistcoat.


- Robin Whiting

Wee Bit Chilly

Hi, Are you likely to offer heavier grade fabrics in future?

It gets a wee bit chilly this time of year :)

That said, I can't fault the service and I look forward to ordering suit number 3. Thank you.


- Adebayo Ogunbufunmi

It's Top Notch!
Hi, Was very impressed with the suit I picked up yesterday. Ive already ordered another suit, spare trousers and also thought this time Id try a shirt....was very impressed by the shirts that you showed me - especially the way you are putting initials on the cuffs ...very impressive. If possible the initials I would like on my cuff are DMcC.

Sky Sports?

I took possession of my new suit yesterday, and I am amazed at the look of it. It was bought to go to the races in Thirsk on 19 June 2007 - my way of thanking some very friends and I shall be taking photographs on the day, and will email them to you. Furthermore, the suit will be featured on Sky Television ( so I am told) as I am sponsoring a race and will get to present the winning owner with a momento of the occasion.

Definately Buy Another..

Brilliant suit Guys.

A great fit and a great price! Thanks for a swift delivery. I'll definitely buy another. Who would go to Burtons when you've got A Suit That Fits?


- Paul Ince


Cool Suit

Dear Suit That Fits

Thanks v much for a great suit - fits absolutely perfectly and is both cool and lightweight for work.
Specific tailoring details have been excellent - eg. straight trouser-leg, and the fitting is superb, particularly across the shoulders, and then tapering in at the waist.
All in all, an excellent service and product - please pass my thanks to your tailors. Thanks.


- JD

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